Jan 20, 2004

I absolutely love surveys. They rock the shit. Special thanks to Jocie for the never ending supply.


First best friend: Jessica in kindergarten. She moved in 4th grade, and by 8th grade we weren't friends anymore because I waited two weeks to tell her I lost my virginity. Meghan told her before I had a chance to. Gina was my second best friend, from 2nd grade onward.
First car: 1988 Montreal Blue Honda Civic Hatchback...RIP
First real date: Believe it or not, my first REAL date was with Craig on January 23rd, 1999. We went to the Waffle House, and he opened all the doors for me.
First real kiss: Kelly, 7th grade. He was the big Lakeridge Middle School track star. A tall black boy. I bit his tongue.
First screen name: starpie. Because I like stars and bake pies.
First pets: Ashley my cat. I had to give her away when I was 18 because my step mom is allergic. I had Ashley since I was 3.
First piercing/tattoo: My ex-boyfriend Paul tattooed a star on my right foot when I was 16. It hurt like a bitch. Then in Richmond I had it added on to. Then I got a swallow on my back in Manassas. Rock on.
First enemy: Desiree in 9th grade. She sucked. She got pissed because I hugged her fat ass boyfriend. So she would talk to her girlfriends in the locker room before PE about how she was going to tie up her enemies in her front yard and shoot them with her dad's shotgun, loud enough so I could hear. She was a quality girl.
First big Vacation: I went to Chincoteague Island with my dad, Phil and Gina in..uh....6th grade? Maybe? I can't remember. All I remember is that I was putting on lipstick listening to Dr. Dre while Gina was making sandcastles.
First Album you remember hearing in your house: The Cars....."Shake it up.........shake it up......"


Last cigarette: When I was like 16.
Last car ride: This morning in the bitter cold. I think it is 6 degrees outside. Tell me why I live in Chicago again?
Last kiss: This morning saying goodbye to my hubb.
Last good cry: Um, I can't remember. Maybe it was when I saw the baby wearing the sushi pj pants. For some reason it made me cry that this baby was wearing the same pants I have. I'm hormonal. That clock is ticking.......
Last library book checked out: I'm too lazy to check them out, I just buy them. I'm an all American consumer.
Last movie seen: Gaslight, starring Ingrid Bergman. Quality flick.
Last crush: Jamie Oliver. Too bad he's married to an uppity brit.
Last disappointment: The Chinese food taking an hour instead of 30 min to get to my house last night. But the fortune cookies made up for it.
Last time wanting to die: Each time my credit card bills come.
Last time scolded: When my credit card bill came.....
Last shirt worn: A preppie Express French blue button up shirt under a black sweater. Hey, I work in a library.
Last website visited: www.hothouse.com (not really)

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