Nov 19, 2007

thanks to everyone who stopped by to see me and hillary at the diy trunkshow saturday! i am still on cloud nine over the response i got from my pieces, and am very pleased with my sales (sold about 33 pieces, plus one more today via e-mail!). this was definitely a great starting point for my new venture, so keep your eyes out for more activity in the future. i'm already considering other venues, consignments, fairs, and website updates in the near future. yay for using my art degree!

and check out my new website there's still a lot of work to do on it, but it's a good starting point.

also take a look at the pieces i had for sale at the trunkshow on flickr here. i'll be updating over the next week or so to reflect what's sold and what is still available, and i'll also be putting up the leftovers plus some new pieces over the next few weeks on my etsy shop.

thanks again, friends, for the support and excitement over selling my art. i couldn't have done it all without you!


Anonymous said...

check out my friend, Tootie's, store:

Get in touch with her and let her know you're a friend of mine and she'd prolly let you sell some of your pieces in her store. She could prolly also arrange a show for you next time you're out here. She's the jam. :)


joel said...

holy shit em! well done! i really dig them.