May 30, 2006

so what's the deal with the hot and the sticky? i hate it.

i went to st. louis for a bridal shower this weekend and nearly died i had so much fun. it was hot there, too. we showered it up, drank lots of drinks, ate lots of eats, and giggled and stayed up late talking about girlie things and eating pizza and breadsticks. then we shopped and came home. and i still had a whole day left of my three day weekend to sit around my sticky hot apartment and curse the sun. we did leave the house not once, but twice to run some errands and find some clothes to spend our money on. all in all, a pretty productive weekend.

hubb and i also took a few hours to discuss color schemes and furniture choices for our new house, as we are going to pick out our finishes on thursday. color is such a difficult thing to decide on, especially for me. i tend to lean towards the safe, neutral colors, resulting in an terribly visually boring palate. i'm trying to change that, with visions of a lime green bathroom and a robin's egg blue bedroom, but now i'm afraid that i'm straying too far away from my safe neutrals, which will prevent me from ever feeling at home in my new space. i hate decision making.

May 21, 2006

so this weekend has been great. i found a pair of adorable $7 shoes. and i made two pairs of bermuda shorts from pants i didn't wear anymore. and a wonderful man told me i was gorgeous. (he was gay, but that's ok. even better, really.) and i went to a polish sausage shop in my future neighborhood. and a pet store where i fell in love with at least 5 puppies. and people liked my blue cheese biscuits. fabulous, and still going strong.

so here i am, having finished 5 loads of laundry and hemmed my new linen pants. i have a zucchini lasagne cooling on the stove, am having a glass of wine, and am waiting for a good friend (who i haven't seen for over 3 years) to call me so i can meet her and her husband for drinks and dinner. i love catching up.

by far, this has been one of the most relaxing and fulfilling weekends i've had in a very long time. so i'm feeling good, and i wanted to share. happy sunday, folks.

May 19, 2006

i have four months until closing, but i can't stop thinking about the new furniture and accessories i'll need to buy for our new house. like a futon for the guest room.

and a shower curtain for the master bath.

and bar stools. and rugs. and curtains. and a coffee table. and a dining room table. and a bedroom set. and a whole new color scheme for the guest bathroom. all kinds of things!

this is making me crazy.

May 15, 2006

so. we're buying a condo. surprise! it is going to be beautiful (it is a raw gut rehab right now) and we will be living in it by fall. and we get a turret! and a fireplace! and two bathrooms! and a walk in closet! and a short walk to the train! and a mortgage! yay!

i wanted to post pictures, but decided that might not be a good idea. just believe me when i say it is awesome. and it is ours! muahahaha!

May 10, 2006

because 1) i have no patience, and 2) i can't keep a secret, and 3) i have no self control, i am going to continue to write about useless materialistic crap here until my life is in order and all is well again. i don't want to jinx things, and i don't want to let the cat out of the bag and ruin everything...ok, shut up emily. ok.

so. it is warm and muggy and gross in the office today, and i sort of wish it was still winter. sort of. except that i just got a few summer shirts to replace my old/outdated/uncool/ratty/worn summer shirts, and i can't wait to wear them. tank tops! showing shoulder! skin! tan! woohoo!

so. even though it is warm and muggy, it appears that the weather is going to be much different this weekend when i have plans to walk and be outdoors and entertain on my roof. 50-some degrees and rainy. of course. such is my luck.

and so here i am, sipping my large complicated yuppie coffee beverage, trying to stay busy and keep my mind off of the current hugeness happening to my life. i've organized a lot of things, surged through half of my long to do list, and i'm still itchy and restless. damn.

so, a to do list for tonight:

1. make olive tapenade tonight for a dinner party next week, and try not to eat it all with a spoon on the couch. which i would do. because i love my olive tapenade.

2. test my mother's blue cheese biscuit recipe for another dinner party this weekend.

3. have a glass of wine to calm my nerves because I CANNOT KEEP A SECRET, and the wine might help me forget about it, at least for the evening.

4. hem plaid pants into bermuda shorts. try them on and dance around the house listening to hot chip.

5. fix hole in cute 70's skirt. then put it away in the closet because it is going to be too damned cold over the next few days to wear it.

6. also fix hole in pillow sham that has been sitting on the dining room table for weeks.

7. make a pair of earrings to match the necklace i'm giving to a friend tomorrow night.

8. have another glass of wine and fall asleep quickly.

domestic doings to keep my mind from wandering.

May 2, 2006

5 things that i want right now:

1. nigella lawson piglets. oh my god how cute are these guys? and perfect for my dining room or kitchen table! i have the full size salt pig, which i adore, but these belong in my kitchen. period.
2. i'm not usually into overly whimsical designs, but these oil and vinegar cruets made me laugh and i'd love to put them on the table at a dinner party. the "foot" of the wine glass is actually a stopper for the cruets. adorable.
3. yes, this is a mah jongg tile, in all its beauty. i love the simplicity and modern look given to this ancient complex game piece. Blend Creations has many other lovely designs that i wouln't be upset if someone gave me, you should check them out.
4. the "thinking of you" vase cover by tord boontje called "forever". it is really hard to get the idea across in a photo here, but you can use your imagination to visualize the intricate details stamped out of the thin metal, which is then shaped to surround a tealight or small vase. i am intrigued to see the shapes that dance on the wall when a candle is inside.
5. this duck mirror by david dear. i have always had a thing for ducks (i've been nicknamed emyduck since i was a baby), and i adore this mirror's elegance mixed with the now-popular realist touch of the natural duck feet. perfect for my makeup table, don't you think?

May 1, 2006

i'm happy today. why?

1. a saturday of self-centered pampering time, nail polish, ice cream, a fizzy bath and wine. then martinis and doughnuts with my first Chicago girlfriend.

2. seeing an absolutely wrong-for-us condo that gave me new hope for the home search. larger bedrooms and nice finishes DO exist in our price range and desired location. at least more than i was beginning to think. even though they may be encased in terrible aluminum siding staring at the back of a shopping center. but still...just knowing that somewhere there is an 8x8 walk-in closet gives me hope.

3. speaking of closets, mine is like a magician's hat, swallowing things for months at a time and every once in a while spewing up shoes i'd forgotten i'd purchased. crocheted black ballet flats appeared without warning, just in time for the change in seasons. perfect. i think i bought them in january or february, and hid them so i wouldn't try to wear them in the snow. my unreliable memory does good for me sometimes.

4. la dolce vita. we started watching it last night, and we're only half way through, but it is already fastly becoming one of my favorite films. so rich and emotional and perfect in so many ways.

5. i'm going home this weekend to see my family. i miss them. i get to have dinner with my mom, hang out alone in the car for 2 hours with my dad, see my little brother and meet his new girlfriend, see my sister's house and her pregnant belly, and maybe meet my new baby cousin. and see the mountains i grew up around. i miss the east coast sometimes.