Jul 30, 2004

I'm completely drained today. After two weeks of working my ass off, working overtime, learning new things every minute, I am ready for a nice long nap. But that's what weekends are for. Despite being utterly exhausted, I'm going to down an alcoholic coffee beverage (caffeine plus alcohol equals party-ready emily) and head to the GB get together tonight. Maybe I'll bring the elph and be inspired to document something at some point.

My new shoes (fourth pair in three weeks...somebody put a stop on my credit card, please!) started giving me blisters even before I made it to the bus stop this morning. Goddam fashion. Why do you do this to me? I'm going to have two bloody blistered stumps before too much longer. But at least my shoes are damned cute. And I'm still wearing them out tonight. (Screw you, feet! Who needs you anyway?!)

A few of my favorite things this week:

- Basil. I've caught myself eating a leaf as I pass by my basil plant growing in my living room window a couple of times. If my husband wore basil cologne I'd never let him out of my sight. I love it that much.

- Risotto. I'm obsessed with making it. Lemon, tomato, sun-dried tomato, mushroom, basil, parmesan...it's so versatile, what's not to love?! Mmmmm...as a matter of fact I think I'll make some tonight. I once saw Jaime Oliver make chocolate risotto once. It's on my culinary to-do list.
- My Millennium Park photos. I'm feeling kind of cocky for feeling so proud, but my boss saw them and wants me to print some for the office! I'm such a star.

- Diet Coke with Lime. Keeping me awake from 8:30 to 5:30 every week day.

- Treasure Island. Fun lunch-time adventures. I like to look at food. I'm odd that way.

- Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions.

Jul 28, 2004

Now that I've sort of figured out this photo thing, this bandwidth thing, and this journal thing, I think it's time to create some sort of a title block.  I'm getting thoroughly bored with plain text, but I'm not as advanced that I can create complicated eye candy just for the hell of it.  I have a few ideas in mind, but no means by which to execute them in my spare time at work, no energy to attempt them at home, and a serious shortage of time.

I've been having a major guilty complex over the fact that I haven't really created anything in a very long time.  I've been thinking creatively, cooking creatively, spending money creatively...but not acting creatively.  I feel the itch to do something, but I'm not quite sure what.  Sure, I have a large blank canvas at home, some fabric, some craft items, lots of paint, etc., but I can't figure out exactly what I need to be doing.  I've taken a few photos, but not with the enthusiasm I feel I should have.  I am always prepared with camera in tow, but rarely think to snap a few shots during my day. 

Maybe I'm tired and too busy at work, maybe I'm burning out.  The creative juices are there, but just sitting in a concentrated lump waiting for their chance to flow again.  I need some water to get things moving.

Jul 26, 2004

As promised...a hellova introduction to the photoblog...

Thank you and goodnight.

The weekend: pyrates, beer, pizza, the bean and bridesmaids.

1. Pyrates. Hilariously funny play, with a fantastic cast (including numerous shirtless actors). Fantastic.

2. Beer. Too much of it. But tons of fun, nonetheless. Drinking beers on our roof with new friends (Andrew, Cinnamon, Naz and Brandon) until 3am left me with a burning desire for greasy pizza in the morning.

3. Pizza. Metro. A bit overpriced for an entire pie, but delicious by the slice, and the perfect hangover cure.

4. The Bean, aka Cloud Gate, is much more impressive in person than any photo or news reel can portray it. In fact, the whole new Millennium Park is quite breathtaking. Imposing, sure. Over the top, absolutely. Progressive and beautiful...you bet. I got back on the train with a renewed love and respect for my park-centric city. I took photos, like every other Chicagoan, and will post at least one shortly. Promise.

5. Bridesmaids. I have been deemed bridesmaid-worthy by one of my former maids, Miss Linny. I honestly wasn't expecting the invitation to be a member of the wedding party, and it is truly an honor. I'm so giddy!

Now back to work. It's Monday and I haven't had enough sleep for the past two weeks. Eh.

Jul 21, 2004

5 things to be happy about this week:

1. My husband who treats me the way the princess in my wants to be treated, whether I deserve it or not.  And buys me nice digital cameras.  And tote bags.
2. My new boss who treats me to Thai food and lets me wear open-toed shoes even though it's against company policy.
3. My friend Miss J. who visits me and drinks too much wine with me and tells me she loves my cooking.
4. Home grown basil.
5. Overtime pay.

*And...photos on blogger.

Jul 19, 2004

An incredibly drunk homeless man proposed to me at the bus stop at 8am this morning.  Too bad I'm already spoken for.  The drunk homeless man was visibly upset and started yelling obscenities at his reflection in the bank window.  Ladies, watch out, there's an alcoholic homeless man oozing sex appeal loose on the streets, and he sure knew how to make a girl swoon. 

Jul 15, 2004

Blogger never ceases to amaze me.  I love the constant changes and additions they are making to improve my blogging experience.  Google done some good, I tell ya.
First week working in the "Big City" almost finished. What have I discovered thus far?

Pleasant discoveries:

- Tutto Pronto. The BEST Italian deli ever. Delicious selection of pastas and veggies, pizza, wine, authentic jarred and canned goods. One word = Yum. One concern = My weight. Couldn't find a website for them. Sun dried tomato tortellini salad, caprese salad, roasted portabellos, etc. [drool]

- Lots of places to sit outside.

- Sushi and an Indian buffet within walking distance!

- Shopping shopping shopping.

Unpleasant discoveries:

- Tons of construction workers. All the time. With fine-tuned whistling skills.  Super.

- Playboy headquarters. Super-er.

- Three McDonalds within walking distance. Super-est.

Jul 13, 2004

Welcome to the wonderful world of REAL WORK! I'm so busy I can only find a second to let my three faithful readers know I am still alive, that my new job hasn't killed me yet...that I love it, despite the fact that I've already been chastised for my attire. (Flip flops are still flip flops, no matter what they are made of. I assumed Italian leather flip flops would be appropriate, but apparently I was wrong. If you're one of the new girls, you are told "No open-toed shoes." I need to go shopping because the two pairs of closed-toed shoes I own are blister-rific.)

I'm having a blast, love my office, and can't wait to finally get settled. I've jumped head first into a department that is being reorganized from the ground up, and that creates a lot of work for a self-starting organizer such as myself.

Public transportation, downtown lunches, open air offices, working a full 8-hour day, NO SANDALS, no windows...there is a lot to get used to in my new professional life. But I'm happy to do it.

Tonight: Euro picnic with the Hubb at the Grant Park Chicago Outdoor Film Festival to blow off steam and then home to dream about new shoes.

By the way, have I ever mentioned that I have the BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD? The Elph is mine. Congratulations for acquiring a new job. I'm a happy happy wife. Pictures will come as soon as my life calms down. Or at least as soon as I install the photo software. Thank you, Hubby.

Jul 9, 2004

Craig and I, on a whim, flew hastily out of the house last night on our way to AT&T Wireless for a new phone plan and new toys. After two hours Craig finally had his long standing cell-phone lust satisfied with the Sony Ericsson T616, in all its camera able and polyphonic spendor. He'll be busy for days, as will I with my new Samsung X426, which I adore. We have our new toys, and are annoying our coworkers with our new ring tones and game noises, I'm sure. My cell phone now whinnies like a horse when someone is trying to reach me. Technology rules.


I love new toys. (or: I am easily amused with visual and audial stimulation.)
I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl. (or: I should have had salad for lunch.)
I need new black capri pants. (or: Today's outfit is too big.)
Exit interview in 5 minutes. (or: Later Library.)

Jul 8, 2004

[giddy and smiling] One of my best friends/former roommate/bridesmaid, Miss J., is coming to visit next weekend with her boyfriend! I am super excited and can't wait to show off our new place and our lovely city. I just hope the weather cooperates. Miss J. is a vegetarian and her boy is vegan, so I'm trying to think of restaurants to take them to and foods with which to stock my kitchen. I'm always willing to try fake meats and dairies, so I'm looking forward to the culinary aspect of their visit as well.

Though we live in an awesome city, a lot of our friends are short on pennies and have not been able to visit us in the two years we've lived here. I can't wait to show a couple of Marylanders a good time.
Tip of the day: Do not eat a huge heavy lunch before attempting to actually accomplish anything at work. Take a nap instead.

Word of the day: lackadaisical. As in: Upon returning from lunch at the all-you-can-eat Indian buffet, emily was understandably yet unforgivably lackadaisical, as it was her second to last day at work and she had a lot to do.

Perfume of the day: Eau de Indian Buffet. I hate smelling like the food that's slowly being digested in my stomach.

Jul 6, 2004

Last night I dreamt about eating McDonald's. I can look at his in one of two ways: 1) As I preach good eating habits and condemn fast food junkies every chance I get, I'm guilty for not having seen Supersize Me yet. 2) I didn't eat enough dinner.

I just killed a huge spider in my office. It was huge and running up the wall, and I was all kinds of brave and picked up a tissue and said "Take this!" and smooshed it. As anyone close to me can attest, I am deathly afraid of spiders...but not today. Even the little crunch of his exoskeleton didn't phase me. I'm hard as steel.

My janitor, Ben, told me that I am one of the only two beautiful nice ladies in my building. That nobody else says "Hi, how are you?" or asks how his weekend was. He told me that I deserve a better job because I am so nice and beautiful. He says he'll miss me and he will help my boss through this somehow, the two of them together. *sniff*sniff* I'm jelly.

My lucky bamboo died over the weekend. I'm not sure how to take this.
Here I am, T-minus four days in Evanston and counting, not doing much work today as I recover from a fabulous 3-day weekend. Friday night Hubb got off work early and met me in Evanston for a little shopping and dinner. We attended an art opening at a gallery on Division where I fell in love with everything after a glass and half of wine. We then rented Spellbound, which made us laugh and laugh and laugh. Best...documentary...ever.

The rain on Saturday let up enough for a quick walk to the bank and back. We rested and napped and enjoyed each other's company while the rain ruined countless barbecues for our fellow Chicagoans. It was nice to not have anything planned. We met some friends for a mexican dinner (margaritas and civiche to celebrate American independence) and then briefly attended a party where we totally missed seeing any fireworks, but spent part of the evening in the presence of a little pet American alligator.

Sunday's weather was more hospitable to outdoor activities, so we packed some water and napkins and headed down to the Taste. We had a pretty good time people-watching, and due to our penny-savvy food choices, we stuffed ourselves on a mere $21, ending with lobster tail and a frozen chocolate covered banana. Yum! We grilled a late dinner on our roof, and ate during sunset to the sound of a million firecrackers going off all around us. After the sun went down the real show began! We had a 360 degree illegal firework show for nearly three hours. I can't even describe what an amazing experience it was. It engaged all the senses: the sounds of thousands of screaming people, firecrackers popping like crazy; the sights of beautiful fireworks exploding all around, the smoke that filled the air and lit the sky a brilliant purple-pink; the smell of the firecracker smoke drifting over the rooftops, the grill cooking our meal and then our neighbor's; the explosion of a particularly low and large firework, so close that we could feel it in our chests; the taste of our dinners, smoked and grilled during this Independence Day celebration. It was an amazing Fourth of July. The best ever.

Yesterday was spent being lazy, as it should have been on a rare work holiday. We laid around reading, napping, e-mailing, watching tv. We ventured out for a nice long walk to window shop and get a lunch burrito, then to the Art Store for a canvas and some paint. We finally hung our pictures on our naked walls, and are that much closer to looking settled. We still have an empty expanse above the couch, and a large empty wall in the bedroom, but some yard sale Audubon prints and our presently blank but soon-to-be-art-covered canvas will fill the void soon enough.

Maybe it was the unplanned schedule of the weekend that made it so special to me, maybe it was the experiences spent with my husband, maybe it was the starry-eyed, newlywed state we were in, but I can honestly say this weekend was one of the all-time best ever. It was a wonderful way to begin this new chapter of my life. I can't wait to see what next weekend will bring...

Jul 1, 2004

5 reasons today rules

1. My co-worker bringing in her little 5-week old baby girl, Ella. She is the most precious, beautiful, sweet little baby I have ever seen in my life, and made me all kinds of hormonal and motherly. She didn't cry when I held her, which ironically made me cry just a little bit.
2. Chicken salad sandwich and a Diet Coke with Lime on Lake Michigan.
3. Nearly finished with all of the getting-ready-to-leave-my-job nonsense. Next week will be a breeze.
4. After 265 pages, I'm finally really getting in to The Fountainhead. I went from liking all of the characters to hating all of the characters, and now I'm just interested as heck to see where they all end up. The character development in the book is phenomenal, which is why it is so damned long. Only 429 more pages to go.
5. One day closer to Friday and a three day weekend! Woohoo!