Mar 29, 2006

So, I got 9 full hours of sleep last night, and let me tell you, it feels amazing. I woke up this morning with a spring in my step, a smile on my face, no puffy eyes, no falling asleep in the shower or on the bus. I have to try this more often. It's after 2:00 and I'm not passing out at my desk! The magic of sleep, it's something else.

So, taxes are done, old retirement accounts are being cashed out, and (drum roll, please...) we are prequalified to buy a home. Yes, we finally met with a mortgage man, and he liked us and our credit scores enough to qualify us for the loan we wanted, and then some. So we're on the hunt, at the cusp of what promises to be a long and arduous journy, given Hubb's and my high demands for where we hang our hat. But it is all kinds of exciting, the prospect of a new space (a larger space), a new neighborhood, a new kitchen to get used to. On one hand I am terrified, and I want to find The Perfect Place, but on the other hand, I just want to get moving and build some equity. Either way, we're moving forward and growing up.

Mar 27, 2006

where have i been? i'll tell you:

we had friends in town and i laughed so much i think my cheeks have become stronger. i miss my virginia based girlfriends, and i'm so lucky to still be able to spend weekends with some of them (and their adorable husbands) every once in a while.

we did our taxes. i hate the irs.

we decided to start the home-hunting process. we've seen a few condos, we're meeting with a mortgage guy to see what we're worth (eep!) tomorrow, and we already have two realtors on our side trying to match us up with our dream home. i'm incredibly excited but also terrified at the prospect of hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. but the idea of moving is exciting, new space, a slightly different location, new neighbors. and possibly a brand new kitchen and a washer and dryer in our unit! and a guest bedroom. decorating that will need to be done, dinner parties in my own home. i'll keep you updated, we're not sure how close or how far away this step is for us quite yet.

we're getting closer and closer to our california adventure, and i absolutely can't wait. i need a vacation like you wouldn't believe! in between life changing decisions on buying a home, entertaining guests, crying over our tax forms, and general life, we've both been working more than usual, and i feel like i haven't really been home in ages. or had a nice long good night's sleep. i can't wait to sleep in, drink wine in Sonoma and Napa, eat seafood and shop and relax with my husband. and document. i need to get back into taking photos.

we have welcomed two new babies into my family in the last two weeks, little Sophie and little Carter. my two cousins gave birth about a week and a half apart, adding a boy and a girl to our rapidly growing family. our average age just went down significantly!

welcome to the world, kids!

Mar 16, 2006

I have a new favorite online store, Foster's. Lots of wonderful products, innovative gadgets, modern decor, and fun gifts. I am awaiting a package inlcuding two amazing gifts for myself:

The Food Loop. Silicon notched loops designed for trussing without toothpicks and twine, oven safe up to like 600 degrees, won't stick to food, and fully adjustable and dishwasher safe. I can't wait to stuff something!

Wine Lines. Modern wine charms with an elegant twist. Both color coded and imprinted with wine terms such as "rich", "supple", and "earthy". I can't wait for my next dinner party! Hurray for clever designers, silicon and e-commerce!

Mar 10, 2006

Remember Footwear Friday? Well it's back!

So, after a huge financial discussion, Hubb and I are beginning to monitor our expenses, and I now have a monthly budget I must stick to. Well, my credit card cycle started over today, and I've already blown a chunk out of my spending money this month with these glorious shoes:

I realized that my shoe collection did not contain a pair of basic black pumps, and these will successfully fill that gap. I've been eyeing them for quite some time, and I can't wait for them to arrive. I found a skirt in my closet the other day that I have never worn and still fits me, and these shoes will compliment them quite nicely. Yay for shoes!

Mar 9, 2006

worst. morning. ever.

1. the button on my new ben sherman blazer popped off as i put it on this morning. i've been waiting to wear it all week and it broke. i was running late so i didn't have the time to quickly sew it back on, so instead i went blazerless into the humid morning air and on to the office. i feel naked.

2. i forgot my watch so i couldn't even tell exactly how late i was running as i shuffled onto and off of busses and up the elevator in my building.

3. no thanks to anyone else around, i sat in a sopping wet bus seat on the 55. the woman in the next seat didn't even bat an eye as i jumped up in surprise clutching my soggy bottom. which reminded me of the time in the 3rd grade when i was walking to school and slid down a slippery wet grassy hill in my cordouroys. i got to class and then went to the nurse's office where i called my mom for a new set of pants. she brought them, and as i was putting them on behind the curtain, the nurse said to the secretary, "i can't believe that mother didn't bring her daughter a clean pair of underwear!". they thought i'd wet myself. i was mortified, and am still embarassed for both me and my mother to this day at the fact that the nurse thought my mom let me sit in pee-soaked panties all day at school.

4. i forgot to bring my lunch.

so anyway, i'm hoping that my tazo calm tea and some window shopping online (if i have a few minutes to spare at work today) will make the day better. i've decided that once i hit my goal weight (or get really really close) i will reward myself. with what? i'm not sure yet. maybe new shoes. or custom jeans. or a really flirty new dress. when i find it i'll know.

Mar 7, 2006

more untogetherness today. i swear i broke some necessary piece of myself that keeps me from falling completely apart.

two days in a row i had a surreal floating sensation as i sat at my desk typing. it was the strangest thing, and both times the same person came by and said my name which brought me back down again. i don't know exactly how to interpret that.

so. my sister is pregnant and one of my cousins is getting induced this friday. the other cousin could give birth at any moment. this makes me giggle with anticipation of lots of little delicious smelling babies to hold and cuddle come next christimastime. and lots of ironic little baby tee shirts and onesies for me to buy for them.

hubb is home sick today, which means i will get it soon, too. it is just a matter of time before the coughing and hacking begin.

i made wonton soup last night (from scratch!) and it was really really good. it didn't make hubb feel much better, but it's been making me smile on the inside all day that i have finally learned how to harness a few asian dishes.

i wish it were 7pm friday right now.

Mar 6, 2006

i'm not feeling together, so i leave you with randomness.

i did the workout and now i'm in pain. my inner thighs, my back, my shoulders. i know it isn't remotely possible, but i also feel thinner today.

i'm drinking water with cucumber today. it is really refreshing, you should try it.

after spending two hours in ID on saturday, hubb left with the promise of new glasses in a week and i left with the promise of a tord boontje table stories charger in a week. oh my god i can't wait.

except mine's white on white. which is much much better.

i saw an enormous engagement ring this weekend on a very young woman's hand, and i swear it was like 7 carats. and it made me sad because i know her husband so i know it was real. sad because it was so obscene. sad because i honestly wanted to ask her to be careful not to accidently brush up against anything because she might gauge a huge hole in the wall with it. i wondered how her thin little arms could hold it up.

a had more random thoughts but they've escaped me. i'm sure they'll settle back down as soon as i try to fall asleep tonight.

Mar 2, 2006

i am out of shape. and this is my manifesto.

so i need a change, i need some motivation, i need to alter my routine. i received a free 30 day pass to a gym and i'm going to use it. i ordered a workout video (5 star reviews on amazon!) and i'm going to use it. i read up on some typical "healthy" daily menus, and i'm going to take them into consideration. i'm drinking more water. i'm walking a little bit more. i'm going to be leaner by the time my wedding anniversary trip comes around. i will do it. watch me.

i also joined the self challenge...i know it is super cheezy, but it makes me write things down, keep myself in check, makes it harder to cheat and draws my attention to my increasingly terribly unhealthy habits (so THAT's where all of those calories are coming from...) my weight and physical fitness have been something i've struggled with all my life, and i realized a few things while walking home thinking about it last night:

1) i love food. i love to cook, i love to eat, i love to enjoy everything that goes into my mouth. i'm not one of those people who can just grab whatever is laying around to curb their hunger. i evaluate and plan nearly ever piece of food that i ingest. and if it tastes good to me, i'm going to eat it. luckily i crave healthier items most of the time (sushi, veggies, fruit), but every once in a while i have to have a cheeseburger. or coconut curry. or creme brulee. this is not going to change. i'm not going to start eating pre-packaged low fat low calorie meals or eliminate pasta and rice from my diet. i'm not going to order one hard boiled egg and fruit salad when i go out for brunch. i'm going to have eggs benedict. with bacon. i'm going to continue to go out to eat and i'm going to continue to enjoy it. so something else needs to change instead.

2) i'm not going to be an exercise nut. i'm just not. i'm lazy and i'm busy and it takes a lot to motivate me. what i need is routine, something fun, and i need to be able to notice that what i'm doing makes a difference. so the free gym's free, so that's motivation to use it. it's new, and i'm stubborn to let things go before i've tried them. and it right off the train line i can take from work. easy, and it can be routine on the way home. the got great reviews for being fun, fast, and for delivering results. cardio and toning. exactly what i need.

3) i can't pinpoint a time that i've been in "the best shape of my life", mostly because i've never really been "in shape." i've been quite a bit thinner, but even when i weighed my personal lowest (on my wedding day), i still felt out of shape. i'm beginning to think about kids (in 5 years or so...don't get excited) and i want to be "in the best shape of my life" before i sacrifice my body to producing offspring. and i want to be able to enjoy it for a while. so i'm getting started now.

4) i don't need someone to keep track of me, i need someone to listen to me. to motivate me not with a watchful eye or reminders of "the rules", but rather with words of encouragement, believing that i will do this thing and that i will win the struggle i've had against my body for my whole life.

5) i'm ready.

why this sudden shift in my attitude? i tried on, for the last time, a shirt that i hadn't worn in a while, only to discover that it was too tight. i thought about wearing summer clothes and i shuddered to imaging how much i'd have to spend for a wardrobe that actually fits me. and i got home to a postcard in my mailbox inviting me to a free trial gym membership. i've been ignoring it for a few months, but it's time to quit being a baby (or look like i'm having one...)

i feel much better now that it's written down.