May 21, 2009

things have been really busy these last few weeks. between work and school i've had little time for much else. hopefully things will calm down soon.

in addition to class 3 nights a week after work i now have class on saturdays, which is going to be both exciting and challenging. i'm taking a food styling and photography class - a part of the industry that i am really excited about and am eager to learn more about and experience firsthand. this saturday i'll be shooting a still life (i'm leaning towards onions and garlic and fennel) and a glass of red wine. sounds awesome, yeah?

in other news, my brother has decided to move to chicago for law school this fall. i'm so excited to be able to have him nearby, to see him more than twice a year. as long as i can squeeze him into my crazy schedule.

things are going to fall into place soon, i can feel it.