Dec 30, 2010

year in review, 2010.

i worked in a kitchen all year, both helping to manage it and cooking in it for both myself and others. i put myself in difficult situations, i learned to work within budgets and constraints and without proper kitchen equipment. i learned more about my capacity as a chef, what i do and don't want for my future career. i learned a lot of new recipes. and i learned that i need to find a way to keep better track of them.

i did a lot of resting in 2010. i worked part time the entire year, having days off that i'd never had before. i became one of those people who do liesurely lunches with friends on weekdays. i explored selfish hobbies with my time off, doing a lot of reading, a lot of canning, a lot of planning for my future. and a lot of napping.

but still, 2010 was a challenge. and i was pregnant for the majority of it. and then i had a baby! anything else i accomplished in 2010 pales in comparison. it still seems so unreal to me that this perfect little creature belongs to us. henry is amazing and beautiful and more perfect than i could have hoped for. and motherhood has been so incredible, i've acclimated to it like it was always meant to be, and for the most part i always knew that. 2010 was the year my son was born. 2010 a year i will never, ever forget.

my hopes for 2011 rest mainly on my child's growth and happiness. to be a good mom, to raise a happy and well adjusted baby. 2010 was incredible, but i have no doubt that 2011 will be even better.