Jul 24, 2007

i'm mildly obsessed with three things as of late:

1. feist. i can't stop singing to myself and smiling.

2. chewing on the inside of my cheek. it's a habit i've had since i was a child, and it's flared up drastically lately. i don't know if it's nerves, boredom, anxiety, or what.

3. pimento cheese. i made some for tea sandwiches for a baby shower (yes, tea sandwiches), and i've single handedly eaten nearly all of the leftovers. last night i had a melted pimento cheese sandwich with giardiniera. oh my god. this is why i can't lose weight.

my best friend has let her bridesmaids (me, her sister, and her sister-in-law who is also named emily) (go team emily!) pick our own bridesmaid dresses. after changing her color scheme from lilac and sage to bellflower blue and black, we picked THE DRESS. i'm actually going to look really good standing up in this wedding, which is a first. my best friend is amazing. she is being so laid back and wonderful about this wedding planning business, which is good because i'm stressing out about what to do for her bachelorette party.

we've been talking about getting tattoos for each other for some time, and i think i might surprise her with mine when i go down for the wedding. i'd wanted us to go together, but we dont' get to see her often and i can't ask her to get a tattoo two days before her wedding. i wanted a four leaf clover on the inside of my left wrist. i'm hedging a bit on the location, but i'm anxious to get it done. it's been a long time since my last tattoo and i'm antsy for more.

Jul 11, 2007

it's funny, the one tuesday night i actually remember to check tinyshowcase, this amazing print (probably my favorite tiny showcase ever) is introduced and i get to buy it before it sells out. i can't wait to get it framed and hung in what is turning out to be our small print gallery hallway. (next to this, this, and a lovely christopher silas neal print that doesn't seem to be on his site anymore.)

so one of my girlfriends had her baby a little early, and welcomed Ava Virginia into the world last saturday (07.07.07)! she is beautiful and makes me want to run out and get pregnant right away so i can have a little chubby cheeked baby of my very own. except maybe in a few years....i'm getting tons of experience and first hand accounts from all of the new moms and mom-to-bes in my little circle of friends, including another one who just gave me the news that she's expecting, too! so many pregnancies! i'm past the shock and denial, and am instead now basking in the warmth of motherhood surrounding me. i get to meet little Ava in less than two weeks when hubb and i travel home for my grandmother's 80th birthday, and i absolutely can't wait. hee! babies!

i've been getting sciatica in my left hip off and on for two years or so, and now my right knee is aching for no apparent reason. i feel like an old woman, hobbling on and off the bus every day, getting annoyed because nobody offers me a seat. i daydream about getting a vespa and tootling around town effortlessly.

i'm loving the warm weather right now, even the really HOT weather....which is so unlike me. i've been scooping up new summer dresses left and right, and have finally hit a groove with my wardrobe, i think. i've also found the most amazing line of strapless bras EVER, which is like the holy grail of undergarments if you're a, um, curvy woman such as myself. i literally teared up when i tried the first one on, and wore strapless clothing for a week straight just because i could.

last month i hit my two year anniversary at work, which is a milestone for me as i've never had a job last more than two years. i'm a little nervous, as things are moving rapidly behind the scenes as we prepare for an office move in late august. i've never been part of moving a 30 person company, i'm a little anxious about the whole thing, and am wondering what the implications for our office dynamic will be in a new space. it will be an interesting fall, relearning basic processes and routines.

i have a night off tonight, and hope to tackle some artwork and maybe start on a teddy bear for little Ava. i have a slew of canvases and prints ready to collage with, and it's time i got down to business making my own pieces of art for my home.