Aug 19, 2008

i woke up 4 minutes before my 5:30 am alarm went off this morning, and couldn't fall back asleep because i couldn't remember if i had reset my alarm from 6:30 to 5:30, so i checked the iphone and the brightness of it fully woke me up and i was screwed. it also woke up my cat, she looked at me all squishy faced, like "turn that shit off, crazy lady. it's too bright and it's early and i'm trying to sleep here." she is not nocturnal at all, that cat. i think she sleeps in the same position next to my elbow all night long. she is also a little bit senile, despite being only 5 years old. (which is apparently 36 in human years according to a handy cat age conversion chart i found on the internet.) she likes to "hide" under tiny pieces of blanket on the bed. over the weekend i found her front half huddled under a blanket with her nose peeking out, her bum fully out in the open, like an ostrich. it made me smile. for a long time. i even took a photo so i can look at it when i'm down. pets are entertaining, and i'm glad we've domesticated them.

summer has finally calmed down, hubb has stopped traveling around the world for work and i've stopped putting social drinking engagements on my calender every single evening.

i've been wearing a lot of dresses, and am feeling more girly than ever recently. dainty and fragile and emotional and all that. i think it might be a hormonal thing, but for now i'm indulging myself and giving myself more breaks than are probably necessary. i'm probably becoming an annoying pain in the you know what because of it, actually. i should stop.

but right now i am ready for a nap and a snack and a pedicure. if i could eat a huge fried somethingoranother and then nap while being pedicured, that would be ideal.