Dec 12, 2008

so, i've been busy, neglecting things like photography, communicating with friends and family, and blogging. there are lots of reasons for this - craft fairs, commissions, work, and most recently, finalizing details to start culinary school next month. !! i'm going to culinary school! everything is aligning right now to give me the opportunity to pursue a dream, something i have always thought about but never considered as a real option in my life. i'm taking the risk. i'm going to be attending kendall college under a part time culinary certificate program, and hopefully in less than two years i'll graduate as chef emily, available for all of your personal chef and in home catering needs. in the meantime, please be patient with me since i probably won't be seeing much of you, either online or in person, for the next 18 months or so.

in other news, i can't believe it's already winter - currently 17 degrees and falling - and christmas is only two weeks away. i still have tons of shopping/crafting/cooking to do, and we still haven't designed let alone mailed our holiday cards. i have vivid memories of being a kid and telling my parents i was bored. where did those times go? i haven't been bored in decades.

in case i flake (which is likely) and don't log on again in the next two weeks - i wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season, full of good company, good food, and good times.