Apr 26, 2007

- so i sort of accidentally gave up on my 365 days project...i haven't taken a photo at all this week. i made it to day 101, only missing 4 photos in the process. that's roughly 96%, so i still get an A for effort, yeah? maybe i'll pick back up...

- i bought a pilates dvd with a little weighted ball, immediately bruised my spine, and so now it sits on my entertainment center while i sit on my sofa.

- i was doing really good with my diet and self control, then i ate like a pig to celebrate while on vacation for a weekend, then ate like a pig for comfort for a week despite a lack of appetite. now i'm having trouble getting back on track.

+ i got new shoes for spring. they're sandal-y and cute and comfy. now it's 50 degrees and rainy. this weekend is looking up, though.

+ i finally got a new bookcase for my living room, which was one of the final pieces of furniture we needed in order to prepare for our apartment therapy photo shoot. yes, we will be welcoming you into our home via the internet in about a month.

+ it is lunchtime. sloppy joes. mmm...

Apr 18, 2007

i can't begin to understand the grief and sadness many students, faculty, parents and families are feeling right now. i only know my own pain, the pain of former virginia tech student, the anxiety of the sister of a current student, the anger of a born and raised virginian. luckily my loved ones are safe and unharmed, which i am incredibly thankful for.

it could have all been different: my little brother was sitting in a class on monday morning, a class that the shooter, seung-hui cho, was also enrolled in. what if the shooter had gone to HIS OWN classroom instead of the classrooms in another building? what if he had started his rampage in the english class he shared with my brother? i cry each time i think about it. it is absolutely unfathomable, i can't begin to imagine the pain and grief i would be feeling, that others are currently being forced to go through. the confusion and disbelief, the anger and intense debilitating sadness. every bit of my heart goes out to those families and friends. i wish i could help ease their pain, if only just a little bit.

i am in pain that tragic and senseless acts like this happen in the first place, and that they happened so close to my home and my heart. i am sad that my alma mater has been forever stained, that families are hurting in ways i can't begin to relate to. i am angry at gun laws that make no sense, at the ability of one deranged mind to commit horrific acts of violence.

but i am also proud. proud of my alma mater, proud of my brother's courage and ability to cope, proud of the support and spirit that has swept the country and even the world. proud that i am and always will be a hokie.

Apr 9, 2007

ok, so i'm behind. on a lot of things. i'm getting all caught up in my friends and family and work and play and just general basic life comings and goings, and i'm neglecting to put it all down. or even some of it down. it's all getting lost and forgotten, except for what i manage to capture with my camera. which isn't a whole hell of a lot, as you can see by my flickr stream. i have done a few wonderful things recently...discovered ANOTHER pregnant friend (i know, it's scary) and actually came to terms with it, attended a petting zoo birthday party for grown ups (i know, it's very very cool), cooked some really damned good stuff (including key lime curd, and a lamb roulade), finally ate at hot doug's (i know, it was delish), did our taxes (eep! but three cheers for the tax guy, yeah? i feel better about owing when it's $1k less than what i got when i did it myself), and lost 5 pounds (i know, it's awesome).

thursday is hubb's and my four year anniversary (i know, it's gone by so fast), and we're taking time off. from work, from friends, from bills and obligations. i won't disclose what we're doing, but unfortunately it won't be far from chicago, as i still don't have a valid passport. but it will be wonderful and relaxing and hopefully i'll come back refreshed and ready for more business.

i have a slew of photos of food, with recipes, that i swear i'll post soon. i also promise to be less of a stranger and more substantial when it comes to posting. in the meantime, i wish you a happy spring.