Sep 29, 2004

I forgot lunch today, and it's a full 12 hour work day. This is a suck.

I'm happy to learn that more and more of our friends (ok, only four) are looking to Chicago as their future home. Two will be here in a month, to live less than a mile away. I'm looking forward to getting to know them better and enjoying our city together. The other two may be here within 9 months. Chicago is magnetic, I tell you.

While spending time with our soon-to-be-Chicagoan friends, I was pulled in two directions at once. I was overwhelmingly happy for them, feeding off their excitement as they look forward to moving from one big city (Boston) to another (here.) But after they were gone I reflected on my life and my excitements, which left me feeling a little lost and not quite sure what to think. I love my life, don't get me wrong. I have an amazing husband, a great job, a wonderful apartment, two loving cats; my life is complete, at least as complete as this 24-year old's life can be. But I don't have a huge life-changing event to look forward to, something equivalent to a cross-country move or purchasing a home. I get excited over cooking dinner and hanging pictures, and going to farmer's markets. I suppose it's ok to be settled, to be happy, to be content, but I'm still sitting here and waiting for something bigger and I don't know how to get rid of the itch.

We're planning a weekend of in-law entertainment, which I am always both nervous and excited about. Today I'm more nervous. They arrive in two days and we have to clean, shop, plan, buy tickets, and do laundry. And I won't be home until late tonight. Poo.

More planning: We are taking a big trip after Thanksgiving to visit three good friends. We will stay in five different households, visit with family and friends we sometimes think of as family, and we may take a night in between to see NYC. We also hope to be able to take a trip this winter to escape the snow and ice and run to Hawaii to visit my best friend. Free place to stay + free kitchen = cheap vacation to paradise. No more shoe buying while I save pennies for our plane tickets. Well, maybe one pair.

Ugh. It's only 9am and I'm hungry for the lunch I didn't bring.

Sep 28, 2004

I happened upon a seriously hairy mountain man last weekend at a show, and it started a drunken conversation with the hubb about first impressions and perceptions of a person's social and financial status based on their appearance, and the alterations thereof. It's interesting to reflect on the stereotype we associate with unshaved men and women with low class. The more natural a person's appearance, the less money and education we assume they have. Stereotypically, the more financially blessed a person is, the more they alter their appearance with clothes, makeup, hair, surgery, etc. You know, this idea sounded like a fantastic sociology thesis when I'd had a few drinks in me, and now I can't seem to find the right wording. Ah well.

It's a gorgeous day today, all cool and fall-like and I couldn't be happier. I'm thrilled to be able to begin wearing my sweaters and knee high socks again, and my new jacket and scarf. I went on a turtle neck shopping spree last night, and then came home and reorganized my closet to include my new winter wardrobe. I could never live somewhere there were no seasons. I get bored too easily to wear the same clothes year round.

What I'm looking forward to this week:

1. Today - third farmer's market in four days.
2. Tomorrow - finishing up a second round of overtime pay.
3. Friday - payday and the in-laws arriving to see our new place.
4. Saturday - college football. It's odd for me to be excited about sports, but I'm going with it.
5. Sunday - Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio tour. (This will be our second visit, but I'm still super excited.)

Sep 24, 2004

It's Footwear Friday!

I've never had so many compliments on such an inexpensive pair of shoes. I swear, the more money I save, the more compliments I get. Maybe they're just humoring me.
An early lunch and a sunny sky brought me to the lake front today, armed with a sandwich, some Vitamin Water, a good book and my camera. It was a nice end to a hectic week, and made me long for a weekend with nothing to do. Oh well. At least my feet are comfortable today.

Sep 23, 2004

In need of a little exercise, and a break from doing the same thing over and over for 195 different files, I decided to clean out my "personal" drawer. Here I have been at my new job for two and a half months, and I've already collected an obscene amount of stuff. Lotions and lipsticks and food and gum and band-aids. Lordy, how many band-aids I collected. I was never a girl scout, but I grew up with the idea that one must always be prepared. That is why I can't leave the house without a bag of some sort, of any size, stuffed with: bobby pins (you never know when you might need those, MacGyver), hair bands, gum/mints, ibuprofin, Pepto-Bismol, lotion, a pen, lipstick/gloss, a mirror, plenty of spare change, and on some occasions: a nail file, hand sanitizer, kleenex, a band-aid, and of course tampons. A girl has GOT to be prepared, for herself and for any random girl she might meet in a restroom.

I feel comfortable here at work, fully prepared and relaxed. My desk is my home away from home, fully equipped and stocked for any occasion that may arise. I guess that's a good thing, that I've settled into this office and have made it my own with my graham crackers and V8 cans, my Tums and Virginia is for Lovers mug, my travel-sized perfume, salt shaker, deodorant and matches. You never know when these things may come in handy.

I guess I have this subconscious fear that one day I will be stuck, caught without some vital item necessary for my survival. But what, exactly, might this item be? I don't know, and that's the mystery and the stress of it. You never know when you might desperately need nail clippers. Or foot deodorizer. Or chicken bullion. You just don't know. But you bet I'll be ready.

I don't use many of these items in my drawer on a regular basis, if at all, but it comforts me to know that they're there, just in case. If I happen to need an extra umbrella, it's here. Lint roller? Gotcha covered. Peanut butter? You betcha. Matches? I'm not sure why, but I got 'em and I'll use 'em if need be.

"Better safe than sorry" is my mantra, and I live strictly by it in all aspects of my life. I hoard canned goods in my cupboards at home. My glovebox is fully stocked with some crackers, tampons, band-aids, napkins and Advil. And I promise you do not want to know what goes on in my head when I pack for a trip. I guess this personality trait of mine would be better described as anal, but I prefer to call myself simply prepared. I just hope I don't have to leave this job any time soon. I will need a moving company to help me get all of this crap out of here.

Sep 22, 2004

The cold is clearing, just in time for Hubb to start coming down with it before another busy weekend. Now that we've relocated from the suburbs (sort of) to the city, we can't stop finding fun and convenient things to do. Laundry sits unwashed, dishes pile up in the sink, the cats miss us terribly, and we're out out out. Even being sick last weekend didn't stop me from parading around town (and the lake)!

I love to shop. (duh) And I love to shop even more when my dollars are supporting causes that I agree with, artists and craftspeople that I like, and independent stores that I couldn't live without. That is why I left the house on Sunday with an empty tote bag (except for a bottle of water and about eight thousand tissues) to the Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park. I meant to give a shot out before the weekend, but my illness prevented my mind from proper blog planning. Anyway, Hubb and I had a great time perusing the tents, gaining inspiration and leaving a trail of money along the way. Seeing so many talented people presenting their creativity really inspired us to do something. We're not sure what that something is quite yet, and I can't speak for Hubb, but a part of my mind woke up from a deep slumber last weekend, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't due to the cold medicine. I have an empty canvas at home, a sewing machine, some unused clay, beads, string, paper, paint, and a camera, all screaming for my attention. I'm almost overloaded with all of the possibilities available to me and my supplies. That is what has stopped me in the past, my indecisive nature matched with the endless solutions to my art supply puzzle. Time to start a new sketchbook, I guess.

Anyway, I left the fair with a few extra items, including a fabulous orange knitted scarf, compliments of some crafty ladies; a wonderful screened tee from Maggie; and a super cute clutch from Gauchita. I now have almost two months now to save up for the DIY Trunkshow in November. Good thing I'll be working overtime for the next 5 weeks.

Sep 20, 2004

A cold + cold medication + a choppy lake + an empty stomach did not a Footwear Friday photo make. Instead, I leave you with a selective pictorial essay of my weekend.

Seasickness be damned, a clear sky and an open lake made for a beautiful week ending.

Wildlife at Belmont Harbor.

Footwear Friday stepped aside for Flip-Flop Sunday this week, as Hubb and I celebrated the sun and warmth while visiting the impressive Rem Koolhaas designed McCormick Tribune Campus Center at IIT.

The IIT campus had very lush grass.

Sep 17, 2004

My brain is slowly being forced out of my nose by way of my sinus cavities. I'm slow and sneezy and sniffly and snotty and sore and sick, sick, sick. I sort of wish I had stayed home, but then I would have missed an office breakfast, the boat trip later today, and would have just been sitting on the couch watching dish-recorded episodes of Good Eats all day long, which would have tempted me to run to the grocery store and then spend hours in the kitchen. I'm better off at work, where I can at least have other people to talk to and feel sorry for me while I blow my nose and sneeze all over everything. I think I'll take a walk to Walgreen's and get some better drugs. Some fresh air would probably do me some good anyway, and my coworkers can sanitize the office while I'm gone.

In other news, It's Footwear Friday once again, and unfortunately it's going to be late. I have a date with Lake Michigan later today, and I think some interesting footwear situations might come of it. Stay tuned, my friends. To be continued...

Sep 16, 2004

I'm sick. It has hit me like a Mack truck and I feel like I'm spread across a busy highway, dirt and pollution and pieces of glass being rapidly pressed into my face as cars and busses and 16-wheelers wizz over me. I had this illness once before, it came and went over a weekend, so I know I'll feel better soon. I stayed in bed for 12 hours last night and my muscles are royally pissed off from the lack of movement and the twisted convoluted way I like to put my arms under my head. And then there's the screaming pain originating from my shoulder which I can only assume I pulled while carrying my fat-ass cat in her carrier yesterday. She's less than 12 pounds and still I complain. God I'm a lightweight pussy. And my stomach does not like the medicine I've been pumping into it, and all I can think about is Thai food, which I know my stomach would be even unhappier about right now. I want to go home and sleep.

End bitch fest.

On the other hand, work has gotten more difficult. It's not that I'm super busy anymore, it's just that nobody ever sat down with me and explained the processes I am responsible for, and deadlines are coming up and I have no clue what I need to do. People are asking me questions about things I am slowly learning about, but I don't have their answers, and if I make them up I just might ruin their entire lives. Seriously. I'm playing with people's futures and I don't know what I'm doing. I just hope I'm not found out as a complete fraud before I can figure this shit out. I'm nervous and scared and I have nobody to ask if I'm doing ok. But I really really love my job.

Sep 14, 2004

Lowlight of the day: So I slacked and forgot and was recently reminded to purchase tickets for Monty Python's Spamalot (a Python musical from Eric Idle) and it's already sold out. Tickets are available via scalpers, however, for $210 each. Goddamit.

Highlight of the day: The cute farmer's market boy who is normally rude and condescending gave me my shallots and yellow tomatoes for half price today. Rock on.

Sep 13, 2004

Random bus riding experiences:

1. A young black man discussing his pressing need to urinate at 7:30am, vocalizing his deep desire to pull out his "man sprout". It made me nervous, not because he was black but because I am normally not ready to see a stranger's weenie that early in the morning. It would have been waay more appropriate on the way home from work. Or at least after my coffee had kicked in.

2. Sleeping hooker (I can only assume...who wears a gold lame tank top with no bra and a leather mini skirt with white thigh high boots these days?) nodding off on yuppie married business man's shoulder, who sat pretending to read his paper while staring down her shirt (what little of it there was), pausing only occasionally to glance guiltily around the bus to see if anyone is noticing. I notice, dude. And I don't think your wife would be pleased.

3. Short hispanic man with a HUGE BONER standing in front of me as I sit and try to read Milan Kundera. Being afflicted with the same vertical challenge, I usually hold on to the vertical bars while standing on the bus, but BONER man insisted on stretching his short little body out to grab the horizontal bar waaaaay above his head, lifting his shirt up enough to let me notice his hard crotch directly in front of my book.

4. A huge mother with seven children, each with his or her own seat during rush hour from Michigan Avenue all the freaking way to Damen and Chicago. My god, woman...a two year old does not need his own seat. You could easily fit 4 or 5 toddlers on one bench. Sheesh.

5. A man eating some Popeye's red bean's and rice, standing up, pushing on the back door to make that terrible buzzing noize to notify the driver that someone is trying to get off, the click of the door, the green light, the man opening the door, tossing his empty styrofoam container out, returning to his seat. Chicago's streets: terribly convenient trash receptacles.

Sep 10, 2004

It's Footwear Friday! To be totally honest, today's been such a whirlwind I almost totally forgot!

It's a beautiful day, sunny and grassy and warm. I thought it fitting to present my flowered footwear in the grass.

I had the most amazing sandwich for lunch today. Chicken pesto from Flat Sammies at Waterworks. I think I am in biiiig trouble.

That said, I'm working my way towards creating an exercise routine. I purchased running shoes, pants and a jacket and a couple of headbands before my sinful sammie today, and I plan to begin running. I swear. I promise. Really, I'm not kidding. It's sad that I don't own any work-out clothes that I would dare be seen in outside my own home...maybe that says something about my current physical shape. But now that I'm all accessorized, I'm ready to hit the pavement and shed 5 to 10 pounds.

Work is exhausting; this week has felt like an eternity, and I totally forgot that I've only been in the office for four days. When turning in my timesheet yesterday someone reminded me to mark the holiday, and I sat there confused for a couple of minutes thinking to myself, "Holiday? What holiday?" Needless to say, I'm ready for the weekend.

Sep 9, 2004

I made me a title bar! Pretty good for a first try, I say. Now to experiment. Maybe I'll have a new one each week! How fun!

Sep 8, 2004

5 items of interest to me this wednesday:

1. Aquariass. no comment.
2. instruments for forcing religion on those who are unable to fight back.
3. small things.
4. baby and sushi.
5. i am doomed now that i know about this recipe.

not too busy at work today, apparently.

Sep 7, 2004

Best...weekend...EVER! For once, the weekend actually seemed LONG! Hubb and I bonded over shopping on Saturday, ate a lot, drank even more, saw some gypsy jazz, went to a pig roast Sunday, (I was going to post a photo of the end-of-party pig, but eventually thought better of it) sat on our deck with friends and drank a bunch, finally bought a ficus tree Monday, and ate a bunch more. I swear I'm trying to revert back to "college emily" both in alcohol and calorie consumption. It was a happy weekend. Yesterday I got to sleep in until almost 10am, and decided not to shower all day long. It was a grand three days, and I didn't even purchase a new pair of shoes.

Sep 3, 2004

It's the first ever Footwear Friday here at work in progress.

And here it red-pedal self portrait. Love the industrial carpet. It compliments the shoes quite nicely, I think.

I don't know how long this little tradition will seemed like such a fantastic idea when I was exhausted yesterday afternoon. I'm just not feeling very clever or creative this morning. Maybe it's malnourishment. I should probably hit up the Indian buffet for lunch today.

Sep 2, 2004

Tonight: Vodka, The Cure and meat...revisited. Not that I've been boycotting any of these's just that they've all been a long time gone. Vodka had been replaced by the wine in months past, and I had regrettably forgotten the pleasure of a vodka tonic after a hard day at work. The Cure had been left behind in my teens, and I am now listening and reminiscing and amazing myself at all of the words I remember. Meat hasn't been entirely missing...though I did vacation from beef after reading Fast Food Nation. I went through a terrible withdrawal, as I am fairly addicted to the red meat, and plunged back into the world of beef after a two week hiatus with a slab of rare roast beef. It was magnificent. Tonight was a gluttonous event full of not finger-food but full fledged hand-food in turkey legs renaissance-fair-style, corn on the cob and bread, all grilled. Then some vodka and The Cure and I'm sorry if this is rambling but I'm on v&t #3. Friday in two hours and I'm terribly glad. Three day weekend ahead, sure to be full of more vodka and meat, I'm sure. I deserve a little drunken holiday, dammit. So for now goodnight, dear reader. Sleep tight. The bed bugs wouldn't dare bite tonight, for fear of protein and liquor overload. Tomorrow: shoes.
Today, in between a very sad crisis, a very pleasing co-worker interaction and a thrilling lightbulb moment of software clarity, I slacked. I slacked and took a long lunch. I slacked and stared at the computer blankly trying to remember where I used to go to waste time. Then it hit me. As I searched my favorite shoe vendor web-sites, (Zappos, Shoebuy, Shoedini, etc.) I thought, why not add some fun and depth to my blog, with a Footware Friday post? I have a great camera, a good amount of webspace, and some fabulous shoes...why the hell not?! I'm simply thrilled, and can't wait to start tomorrow. This is a wonderful excuse to feed my addiction. I'm sure hubb will agree...

Sep 1, 2004

so i get to work today and someone in my office is wearing the same shoes as me. nothing makes me want to go shopping at lunch more.

at least the wave is still holding out.

on the way home yesterday i banged up the peaches i bought at the farmer's market. they are all bruised and mushy now. screw it.

my little brother is at college. my alma mater. i worry about him and his i'm-too-busy-to-return-emails-from-my-family attitude. i imagine him lost and lonely and scared at a huge school, even though i know he's having the time of his life and probably already has a girlfriend. i want to send him calling cards and stamps and chocolate and a huge photo of me to make him feel my head. i need therapy.

my grandmother had surgery last week and i feel like a huge ass for not calling her yet. i sent her flowers so she would know we are thinking of her, but for some odd reason i keep putting off calling her. i'm such an ass with that. i'm sorry.

today is incredibly ho hum and blah. two and a half more days until my long awaited three day weekend! i've never wanted anything more. (except maybe this pair of shoes that i've ordered on three separate occasions in the WRONG SIZE.)