Oct 30, 2003

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeee. happy birthday to me. now my pink is reminiscent of birthday sprinkles. i hated the color pink until i was in my twenties. and now i'm wearing my birthday pink sweater today. there has to be some sort of significance in that. growing older, maturing, becoming more feminine = liking the color pink. eh, this is all bullshit. i'm another year older, but as my co-worker so carefully pointed out to me, i'm still a baby. maybe that is connected to the pink thing. a pink sweater clad little baby girl on her birthday. that's me.

i'm treating myself to birthday sushi for lunch. (and maybe a glass of birthday plum wine!) and i might buy myself a birthday present, too. i need another pair or two of monogrammed birthday undies. everything today is preceded by "birthday". a birthday breakfast, a birthday shower, a birthday poo, a birthday burp, a birthday bandaid......and tonight my birthday dinner with my folks who are flying in this evening. i will enjoy my birthday drive to the airport.

i wish it was my birthday every day so i could have waffles and coffee served to me on a regular basis. i have the best........husband..........ever.

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