Oct 24, 2003

i love fridays. well, every friday except this one.

i've had an upset stomach all morning. i want to puke. (my beloved pepto pink isn't really helping all that much right now.) i called the potential employer two hours ago, left a message, haven't heard back. but i'm applying for two internal transfers today as well. i want a new job, dammit. i just can't take this crappy poo anymore. i can't take being constantly demeaned and allowed to waste away daily from lack of stimulation. and this insane cattiness that exists in our mismanaged department isn't working for me. i need responsibility and a challenging work environment. so say my cover letters, and so say i.

i can't wait until today is over and i can go home, drink a bottle......(i mean a glass) of wine, and watch matrix 2 (i'm dead serious) with C. i'm not a big tech dork, i just come from the school of movies=entertainment. i like to be entertained. that's the sole purpose of most films. to entertain. that is why they were invented in the first place. to create a visual escape from the daily dirt and grime of real life, to take the viewer into a fantasy world unlike anything they have ever experienced before. i do enjoy films that are like puzzles, that you have to study and watch over and over to figure out, but tonight i just want to be mind-numbingly entertained with gratuitous violence and realistic (or not) special effects. and i laugh every time i see keanu reeves. he will never be anyone but ted to me. i keep expecting to hear "dood!" or "excellent!" over a background of electric guitar every time i see him.

i need to relax. and sleep in tomorrow. daylight savings is this weekend. excellent.

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