Oct 28, 2003

like many people i find solace in shopping. i am a typical girl, and typically spend lots of money to make myself feel happy. i never fail to find new fetishes to consume my time and my dollars. i've been through many seasons of obsessions, from hair products to socks to makeup, bath products, underwear, pajamas, jeans, shoes, monogrammed clothing, cookbooks, rooster paraphernalia, fiestaware, exotic food products, kitchen gadgets, etc. i can always find something i "need" sometimes conveniently consisting of multiple items, sets or series. i guess this all makes me easy to shop for, because if i don't have it, i probably will eventually end up wanting it.

i am all american in that i use consumption as a form of therapy against fear and depression. the word "shopoholic" is more often than not uttered as a joke, a mocking term used to depict women as being shallow and greedy. but these women (and men) are not this at all. they just seek comfort. and instead of comforting myself with mint chocolate chip ice cream or french fries, i use camisole and panty sets and the pride of knowing i have every spice on my spice rack that i could ever need. instead of an inflated belly, i get an inflated credit card bill. this way i end up being physically healthier in the long run. and i'll always have clean underwear.

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