Oct 27, 2003

well, i got the flowers, (a spoooooky boo-quet) on friday. little things like that make me happy, but at the same time i feel guilty for wanting material things from my husband. after my flowers, he then bought me a new flower vase, a set of deco vintage salt and pepper shakers (which i collect) and a real chair for our living room (as opposed to something we bought at ikea and assembled ourselves.) it is a 60's modern danish chair in very good condition. i love it. i am feeling cheezy because i feel like we purchased our first heirloom. i'm silly like that.

i'm also feeling a little bit emotional. i saw a silly picture in a catalog of a baby wearing sushi print pajama pants (a print which i own a pair of pajama pants of as well) and it brought me to tears. then we looked at puppies and i fell in love with a wire haired dachshund. i dont' know if this is my little clock ticking away or if i'm just a stupid emotional girl. either way my heart is doing somersaults.

my birthday is on thursday, and i always thought i'd be having babies by 25. well, i'm days away from 24 (still a baby myself in many ways) and am wondering if i'll ever be 100% ready to start a family. i'm scared about the prospect of bringing another living thing into the world, but i cry when i see a baby wearing the same pants as me. i'm so confused. maybe a new job will help me?

i'm pretty sure i won't be taking the job i'm interviewing for on friday. it pays less in wages and responsibility, which are the two things i was looking for more of in a new job. at least it will get me up to par in my interviewing skills, is prompting me to look harder for a new jobby job, and will get my foot in the door of the Art Institute of Chicago, granted i make a good impression at HR.

when did life become such a roller coaster?

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