Nov 10, 2003

how fun. comments (0). i think it's time for a color change to represent my current state of limbo. maybe yellow. if only i spent as much time enhancing my employable skills as i do figuring out random useless things like this, i'd be golden.

i can't decide if i am really ready for this whole new job thing. i keep getting attached to dream jobs that i've blown up from listings i've seen. i've applied for these dream positions, and am waiting to see what comes of them. an ability to wait is definitely not my best quality. i am perhaps the most impatient person i know.

craig and i went to the graveyard behind our house yesterday, and i think i caught a cold. i can't wait to get our pictures developed. the goal was to take photos of select statues for a triptych to go in our apartment. that might seem morbid to some, but i think it will be beautiful. the detailing on some of those just don't see that anymore. the same goes for just about anything. modern consumerism is based on the swifty and thrifty. quality detailing just isn't the norm anymore. this is why i am drawn to old things. i'm an antiquophile. (i'm not sure that's a real word, but i couldn't find a substitute.)

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