Jan 29, 2004

0 degrees, feels like -12. Is it spring yet?

Random things I worry about:

1. All of my neighbors' dogs. Upstairs - the owner is never home, resulting in her tiny dog constantly jumping up and down and up and down at the front door waiting for her to come home. He's going to end up neurotic. Downstairs - two big dogs in a tiny apartment who aren't taken outside enough, resulting in huge puddles of piss at the very bottom of our back stairs. Either they can't even hold it long enough to get to the grass or they aren't ever given the chance to go anywhere else. Either way is abusive.

2. My downstairs, next door neighbors. All they do is fight and scream, and I'm worried for their children. Last fight I heard mom tell dad to pack his bags. I'm not an advocate for divorce, but I honestly think that would be best at this point.

3. My brother and my mom. My brother for his legal troubles, my mother for her money troubles.

4. Homeless people in Chicago. It's cold and they don't have heat.

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