Jan 5, 2004

I have some serious issues with my precious overweight America. Over 80% of Americans over 25 years old can be classified as "overweight." This disgusts me. America revolves around the "bigger is better" thought, resulting in unnecessarily large cars, triple and quadruple serving sizes resulting in more pounds per capita than any other country, massive housing complex eyesores, and ever increasing personal debt. Fast and big. That's the American dream. It is terribly unfortunate that so many uninformed lazy people are killing themselves with saturated fat and unhealthy fad diets while buying bigger and bigger cars to carry their fat asses to Sam's club for 25 pounds of taquitos. Fad diet after fad diet, and 80% of us are still gigantic. I won't harp too much, but this whole no carb thing makes me sick. Sure it works fast with big results, but forcing your body into the starvation state is not a healthy way to live. Most people on this program aren't informed on how it is supposed to actually work. Forever eliminating carbohydrates from your daily intake is not good. I wish more people could see that. Now I'm not perfect, toned and slim and ready to wear a bikini, but I understand, at least on a basic level, how the body works and how to be healthy. Manipulating your body and tricking it into thinking you are dying is not a smart way to be healthy. Americans are stupid. I want to move somewhere people aren't so gluttonous. The whole of America is going to hell, I surely believe.

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