Jan 19, 2004

If I ever have a daughter I am going to do my best to persuade her to elope. The wedding business is such a racket. Tack "wedding" to any noun, and you've got yourself a 300% increase in price. Take wedding photos for example. $28 for an 8x10. $28! $9 for a 4x6! I can get reprints at Walgreens for .39 cents each, but I won't. It is ridiculous: wedding cake, photo album, flowers, dress, manicure, jewelry, invitations, thank you notes, et cetera, et cetera. Never in my life did I imagine being expected to pay so much for a piece of tulle attached to a plastic comb, proudly displayed and marketed as a wedding veil.

According to my calculations, our wedding will be paid off in three years. All this for one day; 5 hours to be exact. If we ever finally purchase our wedding album, I am going to pull it out each time I pay the bills.

I love you, Honey. You're worth every penny and then some.

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