Jan 27, 2004

I'm in a pretty good mood today despite the snowy slushy death trap outside. Where else can one be nearly side swiped, rear ended, plowed into a ditch, and spend more than half an hour traveling less than two miles? Chicago in the winter. I love it. I think more people come out during treacherous driving conditions than any other time here. My favorites are the ones who somehow manage to get into their snow covered car without disturbing a flake, turn on the windshield wipers to get the snow out of their immediate line of sight, then speed off stupidly and obliviously into the blizzard, looking for a deadly accident. When I say survival of the fittest, these are the people I'm talking about.

Top three people I would rather not associate with:
3. Laundromat owners
2. Idiotic foul weather drivers
1. George Bush

Creativity = Therapy I need a new job. According to Craig, I need to join the "creative class." I must say that I agree. Any ideas?

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