Jan 29, 2004

My janitor, Ben, and I have a special relationship. We always talk about the weather and about our families; he tells me how hard it is to have a wife and four kids while he works two jobs, and I tell him how my cats sleep in my bed with me and my husband. He gave me a special pep talk right before my wedding, fatherly advice and encouragment, but also mentioned that I still had time to get out before it was too late. His native tongue is Spanish, and he sometimes has a hard time saying what he means in English, and doesn't always understand what I am asking him for. We're working on breaking down the language barrier with small talk. His daily visits are one of the few things I look forward to at work every day.

He came in today and told me it would be warm tomorrow - six degrees. Then he says "You know, I wake up this morning at four-thirty and sheesh (shivers), and I say 'Jesus Christ.' I really called him out on it, you know. Is too damned cold." I couldn't have said it better myself.

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