Jan 16, 2004

Resolution Update:

1. Get in shape: I'm feeling great. Been working out, eating sensibly (most of the time.) Down a few pounds, looking in the mirror and saying "hmm....pretty good." Was able to purchase the smallest pants size....ever.
2. Be nice: Have regenerated relationship with coworker, have not been nasty to anyone.
3. Budget: I might scratch this one off the list. At least temporarily. But I did go through our debt and income and estimated that we will be able to purchase a house in 2007.
4. Employment: Slowly but surely I'm working on it. It seems that I have someone interested in me, but I don't think she wants to pay me sufficiently, so the search continues.
5. Adventure: I stood on the shore of Lake Michigan for a minute last night. It's frozen and beautiful. And cold. I might be adventurous and go out on the beach and try to walk on the ice one of these days. (might being the operative word here.)

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