Feb 22, 2004

Here I am, at work on a Sunday. Yes, a Sunday. It's all fine and good though, because this is giving me ample time to work on my project that is due tomorrow. (And I am working hard, I swear.) I am finding some pleasure in being here, in the dark and quiet with no coworkers around to bother me. It's nice. It took me this long to figure out that working extra can actually pay off.

Earlier today my ever loving husband Craig was on the computer browsing through some old photos from right after we moved to Chicago, the late summer of '02. We saw what a shambles our apartment was in, how crappy our first futon was, how tiny our first kitten was, and how humongous I used to be. I can't believe how heavy I looked, and I almost passed out when I saw the photos. 20 extra pounds can do a lot to a 5 foot tall frame. I just wish someone would have told me what a plumper I was, and how unflattering my clothes and hair were. Sometimes a woman just does not need to see her "fat pictures." I would burn them if they weren't digital.

I've learned a lot in a year and a half.
1. Working overtime isn't so bad if it means you don't really have to work.
2. Futons suck.
3. Hindsight is always 20/20.
4. If you go out to eat 4 times a week you will gain lots of weight.
5. Losing the weight is easy with a well rounded diet, moderate exercise, and having a major bout of food poisoning as a starting point.

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