Feb 25, 2004

HMO plans are pure evil.

Last week I made an appointment with my primary care physician for tomorrow. I get a letter in the mail yesterday telling me that she has been kicked out of my HMO plan, so I have an appointment tomorrow with a doctor who no longer can accept my insurance. After calling every doctor in Illinois I find one who is accepting new patients, and the soonest I can see her is April 19. April 19! It's a damned good thing I'm not in seriously bad health here. I could die by then. Previous to these shenanigans, last fall I visited my "female doctor" for my annual visit and was told that she was dropping out of my HMO plan. I was devastated, having finally found a doctor I love, and now I can't see her anymore. I still haven't found a new replacement for her. It's too hard.

I think the people who run my HMO are secretly working for the Grim Reaper. They are hatching an evil plot to kill all of their subscribers by denying them health care.

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