Feb 11, 2004

I am going to make a tee shirt that says "I survived the root canal." $800 later my tooth hurts more than it did before they started drilling. I can get full dentures for $400. I'm thinking about it.....

Craig took me to a couple of galleries in the West Loop yesterday while meeting for lunch after my root canal. (With the right side of my face drooping like a stroke patient, I still managed to eat a large meal.) We saw an exhibit of gorgeous landscape paintings by a Japanese painter who uses beeswax to cover his finished canvas, giving the scenes a glowing luminous effect. They were absolutely stunning. We peeked into the storage room of the gallery, and I saw a set of paintings that further inspired me to pull out my dusty brushes. I can't wait to get started. Making my own art is a lot more practical right now than dropping $25K at a gallery. I'm up for the challenge, and am thinking that a little creativity might just be good for me.

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