Feb 16, 2004

Mirai. Best......Sushi.......Ever. I swear to God I can still taste the otoro. Not the best "deal" in Chi-town, but definitely worth the hundred bones we spent on our Valentine's Day dinner. Craig picked a delicious red wine, and to start we had the Kani Ebi Korokke (Alaskan crab wrapped in seaweed with a spicy mayonnaise), and the Tuna Tuna Salmon (tuna and Salmon wrapped around a roll of rice with a creamy sauce), both which were amazing. Our waiter told us the Tuna Tuna Salmon is what most people come back for, and I believe him. We then had the tuna combination sashimi, consisting of two pieces each of akami (not very fatty), chutoro (medium fatty), and otoro (very fatty). They were such amazing cuts of fish they just melted in our mouths. We also had two unagi nigiri (fresh water eel is my absolute favorite). For dessert we had three mochi cakes with ice cream centers, in mango, green tea, and red bean. Yum. The perfect ending to a perfect Kissy-Day meal. I almost could have had another piece of otoro for dessert, it was so creamy and smooth. This meal was honestly the best sushi dinner I've ever had. Absolutely amazing. You definitely pay for this kind of quality, at our local casual sushi joint (which is still pretty good) we can get stuffed for under $50. At Mirai we spent twice as much on half as much food, but I came away with my tongue on cloud nine.

Before dinner, Craig surprised me with an appointment for a pedicure and massage at a local spa. I had my pedicure first, and while seated directly across from the massage room I noticed the door opening and closing constantly during another woman's massage. I kept getting flashes of a naked women under a white sheet and it made me quite nervous. I wondered how that woman felt, and thought about how mortified I would be knowing that someone was staring at my thin-white-sheet-covered butt while they got their toes painted. I decided to forgo the massage, and immediately fudged up my toe polish by putting on my shoe. Craig came to pick me up, with a bouquet of tulips and a box of chocolates from Marly. I have the best husband in the world. I bought a massage book a couple of weeks ago, and now he owes me to read it and give me a belated Valentines massage.

So needless to say I had a great Valentine's Day this year. I can even say this was the best Valentine's Day.........ever.

Thank you, honey.

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