Apr 6, 2004

Tom Heinl is the best opening act EVER. Friday night hubbers and I went to see the Decemberists at Schubas. We walked in to Heinl's "IHOP". I must admit that I arrived in one of my bad moods but after ten minutes I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. He is a petite man, rather handsome, with a boyish face and a deep mountain man voice who reads from his 5th grade journals and sings exaggerated songs about his crummy car and being a child in a department store hiding from the kid eating escalator. If I had an iota of musical talent and were in a band Tom would be our only opening act. Between his Johnny Cash voice and absurdly funny lyrics, he had everyone's attention for the duration of his set and left us with a 100% increase in mood. Tom Heinl is musical pot.

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