May 28, 2004

As the week winds down and I move closer to entering the holiday weekend, the sun comes out and my spirits brighten. I don't want to jinx anything, but there is a potential career change in my near future...I'm keeping my fingers crossed all weekend for good measure.

I wish I had stayed home today to enjoy the sun and the crisp spring air. I can't believe it's almost June and we have yet to see a really nice hot day. My superficial fashionable side wants to start on my tan so that my legs aren't blindingly white when I finally reveal them, and the other "new me" side wants to make the public accept my legs as they are. I'm pale as milk and I'm proud. Maybe I'll start a trend.

Tonight we enjoy a flashback to our college days at the House of Blues (Which hub and I continue to refer to as the House of Boobs for no apparent reason other than that it's fun to say. We're such children sometimes.) with the members of Hepcat. I can't wait to reminisce. Before we head downtown we may stop by the Gaper's Block party at Danny's to meet people we interact with online almost every day. I don't know why I am feeling a little bit apprehensive about it. I guess I just imagine myself as being seen as mysterious and fascinating, and when I reveal my 5' tall shy self the mystery will be gone in a poof. I'm just uncomfortable about meeting people in general, which I suppose I need to work on if I want to land a new job on the first interview. It would be fun to have a masked "blind date" party, to physically meet for the first time but leave that safety of not revealing your true identity by wearing a paper cutout of Bush's face or one of those Mardi Gras feather masks. Therefore if you get drunk and say something stupid (which I am sometimes known to do) you can pretend it never happened should your true face be revealed to the group in the future. I'm waaay overanalyzing this. Shut up, Emily. Ok.

Three day weekend, here I come!

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