May 4, 2004

Self-conscious girly weight rant begin:

I've been losing weight recently, which is starting to worry me as I really haven't been doing anything special to achieve this result, but rather eating things like disgustingly cheezy pizza and chocolate bars from the vending machine at work. Not that I'm really complaining, as summer is nearly upon us and I now have a roof top deck on which I plan to sunbathe and I am the only female in my building so I feel that I have some sort of womanly ideal to try to represent. But on a short person such as myself, 10 pounds is quite a lot, and I am learning all of my clothes fit oddly while I'm shrinking.

I first noticed my pants fitting more loosely, which immediately posed problem in that baggy clothes make one look unproportioned and oddly shaped, and do not adequately represent a new svelte bum. So I bought a new pair of pants and have been wearing the other two pairs of previous labeled "tight butt pants" that I had saved for special tight butt demanding situations. So now with pants that fit appropriately I have discovered some other issues related to my recent thinning out, things I hadn't counted on that are now starting to really annoy me and are making me contemplate pigging out on fried chicken and nachos for a few weeks just so I don't have to deal with them anymore. The biggest of these concerns is that my underwear is too big. For most women there is nothing more annoying than ill fitting bras and panties. Not to mention nothing more unflattering. And right now I have neither the energy nor the finances to go on a lingerie spree. Maybe this freakish weight loss thing will just as quickly and mysteriously reverse itself so I can complain about how tight everything is again.

I'm not complaining about being thinner, and I'm not trying to sound all snotty and unappreciative ("Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"), but I do want to complain about baggy panties and share too much information with the three of you who read my ramblings.

Self-conscious girly weight rant over.

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