Jun 3, 2004

I sit and wait in a state of permanent nausea and anxiety, waiting to hear a few little words that will alter the path of my life ... for the better, I hope. A simple phone call is all it takes, people! Come on! I'd even settle for a one sentence e-mail, just to satiate my desire to know SOMETHING, anything, a word, a yes! Or a no. Either way will determine the next rise in the hilly interstate of my life. I don't fare well in states of unease, a flaw of mine which I may have neglected to mention. I'm a planner, an organized and detail driven (freakishly so) planner, the likes of which you want, you NEED. You will call me and you will tell me you love me and you need me and you want us to be together. For always.

Until you achieve that moment of clarity I wait. And wait. And wait. But don't forget our match made in heaven, our perfectly fit puzzle just waiting to happen. It could be such a beautiful picture.

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