Jun 1, 2004

I'm back from lunch, energized and exercised from a walk around the lake. Sitting on the grass I was amused to see how thrilled the bugs were to have a human to explore. Ladybug after ladybug tried to dive into my pasta, which I quickly learned was not a good food choice for picnicking, but was a delicious lunch nonetheless. Insects just love garlic and mussels, and apparently birds do, too. I made friends with a couple of crows who fought greedily over a mussel I tossed their way. They followed me along my walk and landed nearby to caw at me when I stopped to rest on a bench. I wish I'd brought along some bread for them. I treated myself to a small frozen yogurt on the way back to the office, and now warm, sugared and full, I am enjoying my view looking at the trees basking in the sun. A small group of barn swallows are hanging out on the oak branches right outside my window, continuously falling, flying, and returning to sit and sing to each other.

One day like today can make up for a month full of rainy three day weekends.

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