Jul 26, 2004

The weekend: pyrates, beer, pizza, the bean and bridesmaids.

1. Pyrates. Hilariously funny play, with a fantastic cast (including numerous shirtless actors). Fantastic.

2. Beer. Too much of it. But tons of fun, nonetheless. Drinking beers on our roof with new friends (Andrew, Cinnamon, Naz and Brandon) until 3am left me with a burning desire for greasy pizza in the morning.

3. Pizza. Metro. A bit overpriced for an entire pie, but delicious by the slice, and the perfect hangover cure.

4. The Bean, aka Cloud Gate, is much more impressive in person than any photo or news reel can portray it. In fact, the whole new Millennium Park is quite breathtaking. Imposing, sure. Over the top, absolutely. Progressive and beautiful...you bet. I got back on the train with a renewed love and respect for my park-centric city. I took photos, like every other Chicagoan, and will post at least one shortly. Promise.

5. Bridesmaids. I have been deemed bridesmaid-worthy by one of my former maids, Miss Linny. I honestly wasn't expecting the invitation to be a member of the wedding party, and it is truly an honor. I'm so giddy!

Now back to work. It's Monday and I haven't had enough sleep for the past two weeks. Eh.

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