Aug 24, 2004

It's been a day, I tell ya. A DAY!
1. I've finally fessed up about my uncomfort about a few of the tasks I've been assigned at work, and am sweating while I wait to hear the outcome of my bitch session.
2. I spilled coffee on my white sweater at 7:45am, exactly 15 minutes after arriving at work.
3. I discovered the first big mistake I've made at my new job.
4. I cried in the bathroom at 2:15.
5. I ate Doritos.
6. I feel fat.

It's been a great day.
1. I got a free latte with my frequent buyer's card.
2. My boss expressed her never-ending appreciation for me in front of 250 people.
3. I listened to a relationship specialist spew out heart-breaking divorce statistics and research findings, and left feeling confident that my relationship is in perfect health.
4. I have finally broken in my two favorite pairs of new shoes; no more blisters for me.
5. My coworker bought me a Diet Coke with Lime.
6. I found out I get to work normal hours tomorrow and Thursday.

The universe is in perfect alignment.

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