Sep 22, 2004

The cold is clearing, just in time for Hubb to start coming down with it before another busy weekend. Now that we've relocated from the suburbs (sort of) to the city, we can't stop finding fun and convenient things to do. Laundry sits unwashed, dishes pile up in the sink, the cats miss us terribly, and we're out out out. Even being sick last weekend didn't stop me from parading around town (and the lake)!

I love to shop. (duh) And I love to shop even more when my dollars are supporting causes that I agree with, artists and craftspeople that I like, and independent stores that I couldn't live without. That is why I left the house on Sunday with an empty tote bag (except for a bottle of water and about eight thousand tissues) to the Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park. I meant to give a shot out before the weekend, but my illness prevented my mind from proper blog planning. Anyway, Hubb and I had a great time perusing the tents, gaining inspiration and leaving a trail of money along the way. Seeing so many talented people presenting their creativity really inspired us to do something. We're not sure what that something is quite yet, and I can't speak for Hubb, but a part of my mind woke up from a deep slumber last weekend, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't due to the cold medicine. I have an empty canvas at home, a sewing machine, some unused clay, beads, string, paper, paint, and a camera, all screaming for my attention. I'm almost overloaded with all of the possibilities available to me and my supplies. That is what has stopped me in the past, my indecisive nature matched with the endless solutions to my art supply puzzle. Time to start a new sketchbook, I guess.

Anyway, I left the fair with a few extra items, including a fabulous orange knitted scarf, compliments of some crafty ladies; a wonderful screened tee from Maggie; and a super cute clutch from Gauchita. I now have almost two months now to save up for the DIY Trunkshow in November. Good thing I'll be working overtime for the next 5 weeks.

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