Sep 28, 2004

I happened upon a seriously hairy mountain man last weekend at a show, and it started a drunken conversation with the hubb about first impressions and perceptions of a person's social and financial status based on their appearance, and the alterations thereof. It's interesting to reflect on the stereotype we associate with unshaved men and women with low class. The more natural a person's appearance, the less money and education we assume they have. Stereotypically, the more financially blessed a person is, the more they alter their appearance with clothes, makeup, hair, surgery, etc. You know, this idea sounded like a fantastic sociology thesis when I'd had a few drinks in me, and now I can't seem to find the right wording. Ah well.

It's a gorgeous day today, all cool and fall-like and I couldn't be happier. I'm thrilled to be able to begin wearing my sweaters and knee high socks again, and my new jacket and scarf. I went on a turtle neck shopping spree last night, and then came home and reorganized my closet to include my new winter wardrobe. I could never live somewhere there were no seasons. I get bored too easily to wear the same clothes year round.

What I'm looking forward to this week:

1. Today - third farmer's market in four days.
2. Tomorrow - finishing up a second round of overtime pay.
3. Friday - payday and the in-laws arriving to see our new place.
4. Saturday - college football. It's odd for me to be excited about sports, but I'm going with it.
5. Sunday - Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio tour. (This will be our second visit, but I'm still super excited.)

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