Sep 17, 2004

My brain is slowly being forced out of my nose by way of my sinus cavities. I'm slow and sneezy and sniffly and snotty and sore and sick, sick, sick. I sort of wish I had stayed home, but then I would have missed an office breakfast, the boat trip later today, and would have just been sitting on the couch watching dish-recorded episodes of Good Eats all day long, which would have tempted me to run to the grocery store and then spend hours in the kitchen. I'm better off at work, where I can at least have other people to talk to and feel sorry for me while I blow my nose and sneeze all over everything. I think I'll take a walk to Walgreen's and get some better drugs. Some fresh air would probably do me some good anyway, and my coworkers can sanitize the office while I'm gone.

In other news, It's Footwear Friday once again, and unfortunately it's going to be late. I have a date with Lake Michigan later today, and I think some interesting footwear situations might come of it. Stay tuned, my friends. To be continued...

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