Sep 2, 2004

Tonight: Vodka, The Cure and meat...revisited. Not that I've been boycotting any of these's just that they've all been a long time gone. Vodka had been replaced by the wine in months past, and I had regrettably forgotten the pleasure of a vodka tonic after a hard day at work. The Cure had been left behind in my teens, and I am now listening and reminiscing and amazing myself at all of the words I remember. Meat hasn't been entirely missing...though I did vacation from beef after reading Fast Food Nation. I went through a terrible withdrawal, as I am fairly addicted to the red meat, and plunged back into the world of beef after a two week hiatus with a slab of rare roast beef. It was magnificent. Tonight was a gluttonous event full of not finger-food but full fledged hand-food in turkey legs renaissance-fair-style, corn on the cob and bread, all grilled. Then some vodka and The Cure and I'm sorry if this is rambling but I'm on v&t #3. Friday in two hours and I'm terribly glad. Three day weekend ahead, sure to be full of more vodka and meat, I'm sure. I deserve a little drunken holiday, dammit. So for now goodnight, dear reader. Sleep tight. The bed bugs wouldn't dare bite tonight, for fear of protein and liquor overload. Tomorrow: shoes.

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