Oct 14, 2004

1. I'm wearing a tucked in shirt today, which feels really weird and is keeping my from concentrating on my tasks at hand. I can't stop tugging and pulling and adjusting, and my coworkers probably think I have a rash or something.

2. I'm such a planner (/nerd) that I have mapped out the next year of my vacation time complete with half days off to utilize full driving/flying times to get to my planned destinations. It looks like Hawaii will have to be pushed back from February to April now, but that's ok because The Anniversary is in April, which we were sort of going to Hawaii to celebrate anyway. And to see my bestest friend in the whole entire world. I love that girl. And I love that she lives in Hawaii with a spare bedroom for me to sleep in.

3. And I love underwear. I can't help it. I've recently discovered a super comfy cami/boyshort set on sale at a local store (I like how I try to make Filene's Basement sound like a posh boutique), and have purchased the set in two colors, pale blue and white. They are the Best. Underwear. Ever. Today's mission: black. I swear I'm so addicted.

4. I don't know why I'm numbering these paragraphs, but I kind of like the way it looks so I'm going to keep going with it. I've recently been kind of blah about this silly thing lately, but I think it's just an equation of being busy, stressed, depressed and malnourished = blah. I'm slowly getting over it.

5. Hubb got a raise and I helped him buy new shoes online. I like when I can share my love for spending money and buying things online on an impulse with the love of my life. It's fun for the whole family!

6. I sort of had a quick pang of guilt when I cleaned out my "My Photos" document folder at work, and when trashing a blurry pic of the hub was asked "Are you sure you want to send 'Craig' to the recycle bin?" God I'm cheesy.

7. I just washed and ironed my pants, and I already got peanut butter on them. Maybe I should stop eating at my desk. But if my husband and my bed weren't so damned warm, I might actually get up when my alarm went off and have time to eat before rushing to the overpacked bus.

8. There is an incredibly large woman I pass while walking to the bus stop in the mornings. She sits on the bench, waits for the bus, gets on, and gets off at THE NEXT STOP. Ok, I know it can be difficult to walk when you're quite large, but come on. It's like 1/4 of a block. I feel all self righteous and sad and awful at the same time.

9. It's going to snow on Saturday and I have a wood burning fireplace in my apartment. Hello smores and cuddling! I can't wait. I love this time of year. Boots and scarves and turtleneck sweaters and knee high socks and freezing offices and high gas bills and the flu...wait...

10. I'm really just dragging this post on so I can get to number 10. Mission accomplished. Good day.

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