Oct 19, 2004

I'm on a new diet. It's called the Super Saver Diet. I am eliminating all items bad for my wallet. No more shoes. No more cute sweaters. No more unnecessary pairs of underwear (I must own at least 150 pair already). No more vintage cast iron bird decorations for the house. No more rhinestone flare on e-bay. No more vintage pottery on e-bay. No more anything on e-bay. The Thanksgiving Adventure is becoming quite pricey with a now extended two night stay planned in New York City (gee golly hotels are expensive in the big apple!), the rental car prices that continue to rise before I make a reservation, and the plans to wine and dine everyone we meet. And shop. If there's any cash left. And because I'd rather buy crap I don't need in New York City and Boston than here at home, I save.

So until Turkey Day I am on a shopping hiatus. For five and a half weeks I may have to leave my credit cards at home. We'll see how long this lasts. I may need to start drinking...I mean start drinking more.

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