Jan 20, 2005

I recently received an e-mail from the sister of an old friend of mine, giving me the link to tons of photos of her brand new baby girl, Leslie. The child is painfully adorable, and made me shed a tear for the simple beauty that is life, and that incredibe immeasurable happiness she has brought into the lives of her new mom and dad. One of the photos captured my old friend and her now 2 and a half year old son, who I haven't seen since he was less than 2 months old. He has turned into a real little person who walks and wears cute little pants and uses his hands and has hair! I haven't seen this old friend for almost two years when she did my hair for my wedding, and haven't spoken or heard from her in more than a year since she stood me up for a Christmastime lunch date. As I reflected on this and looked at how much both my old friend and her sister's lives have changed since I saw them last, I shed another tear, this time for friends lost. I have a fascination with change and life moving on and tend to reflect on it every couple of months or so. Seeing how fast life has changed for these two women since I've lost contact with them was just the catalyst I needed this time.

My internal clock also did a little jump and flutter as I looked at these two little people, and the happiness they have brought their families. Hubb and I are growing closer and closer to being "family-minded", catching ourselves making mom and dad-like comments, jokes and reflections more often than we ever have before. Don't worry, we still have a couple of years before we're financially ready to spawn, whether we think we're emotionally ready or not. Until then, we have the cats.

Monday marked the 6 year anniversary of the day Hubb and I met, and this Sunday marks the anniversary of our first date and the day we decided we were a couple. It's amazing how fast time has flown by, and how much fun we've had along the way. We've had our Ups and Downs just like any other couple, but recently things have been Up Up Up. We knew pretty early on that we were a pretty good match, and despite anything I've ever uttered during emotionally charged arguments and differences of opinion every now and then, I've never questioned the perfection of our relationship. We're going out to dinner Sunday to celebrate Us, and though someday we'll stop celebrating every milestone in our relationship except for our wedding date, for now it gives us a much needed chance for a date. And it's always fun to celebrate. Yay for us! Go us! Ok...sappiness over.

A couple of notes:
Last night: Solo show: Colin Meloy of the Decemberists. Going out! On a weeknight! It was a thrilling show, despite the thick cancer smoke filled air that is still making me cough today. The second act, Shelley Short, is an absolutely beautiful and amazing musician with a voice like chocolate. I actually had goosebumps at points during her set. Colin was great, funny and banter-full. I'm usually pretty skeptical of break-off solo shows, but Colin was pretty good. The paltry four and a half hours of sleep I got last night were totally worth it.
Friday: Dinner and gossip with the coworkers! Yay!
Saturday: Oh my god I can't wait...SPAMALOT!!
Sunday: Celebratory date with the Hubb. *swoon*

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