Jan 31, 2005

Today just might be the best day ever. Why?

1. I received the Most Perfect Purse Ever from the amazingly talented Cinnamon today. I love it more than anything! Cinnamon has my love and respect forever for creating this gorgeous bag for me.

2. I just found out, thanks to the Hubb, that Crate and Barrel has re-released my favorite dishes of all time, originally designed by Eva Zeisel. (I named my cat after this woman, which might tell you of my slight obsession with her ceramics.) I must must must have these dishes. I might need to get a second job in order to buy a complete set, or try to work my way into a position as a part time sales associate at C&B in order to get a discount.

Oh my god I'm in love today. I'm having product lust all over the place. Why oh why did I order a stupid sofa when I could have had 8 place settings, the serving set, sauce boat, teapot and an additional platter and serving bowl of this pattern? Why??

3. My new sofa will be arriving next week. I'll be sitting in style by Valentine's Day.

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