Mar 30, 2005

Someone asked me if I was pregnant today. Not good. Hence, depression. And self-loathing. Damn him. Damn him straight to hell. I'm never wearing these pants again.

Before I was mistaken for being with child, I skipped out for a long walk at lunch. I ended up walking a two mile circle around my office, which was incredibly exhilarating and refreshing given the warmth of the day and the clear blue sky. I'm dreading the cooling off we're to expect in the next couple of days. I've enjoyed the short burst of jacket-free weather.

I'm feeling sick. My throat hurts and I have a headache. I always get sick when we have guests. I spent $30 on fancy supplements and drugs. I hope it works.

Hubb is leaving tomorrow night, just as one of my college roommates is coming in to town. My other college roommate is coming in Friday morning, and it will be Girls Girls Girls in my apartment all weekend. I am super excited to spend time with my girls, but I'm just grumpy today. Blah.

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