Aug 12, 2005

I am almost over the shock of The Best Bachelorette Party Ever, and my eyes are still adjusting from the mayhem and outrageous debauchery they witnessed. They hurt a little. Incredible fun was had by all, and I think I may have seen more boobs than weenies...which says something about the friends I have. I miss them terribly sometimes. And I get to see them again in a month! Woo! More boobs! And a wedding! Yay! Three cheers for matrimony and gratuitous nudity!

I'm wearing a pair of matching earrings and a necklace that I made with the beautiful amber and yellow jade beads I bought a few weeks ago. I am a nerd and I like to match. I also just purchased some pretty jade, jasper and aventurine beads today. I like the word aventurine. It makes me think that when I make that pretty green necklace I will be filled with an insatiable urge to try some new wild and crazy thing. I've been totally bitten by the bead bug. I really like pretty heavy things.

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