Sep 21, 2005

Unimportant things I have noticed at my office:

The Studio:
1. If I wear a sweater, the office is inevitably warm. If I wear thin clothing, it will be cold.
2. If music is playing, I am happier than if it is not.
3. For having 20 people working in the same room, The Studio is surprisingly quiet.
4. I can't stop myself from eavesdropping, which makes me incredibly paranoid when making my own doctor's appointments and scheduling get-togethers with friends.

The Kitchen:
1. If there is food on the counter, it will be eaten.
2. If I want to save communal food for myself, all I have to do it place it at the back of the top shelf.
3. Quite a few people have no idea that they are allowed to place their coffee mugs in the dishwasher by themselves.
4. If I wear a white shirt, coffee will splatter on to my chest at some point throughout the day.

The Bathroom:
1. The light in the women's restroom is incredibly flattering, even on my most bloated and terrible hair days.
2. Two of the tiles in front of the left most stall come together to look like a giant penis.
3. The lock on the left most stall does not always close properly.
4. The left most stall is my stall of choice. Mostly because of the penis-tiles.

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