Oct 25, 2005

Nana's funeral was nice. Short and sweet, and funny and solemn and tearful, and full of love and life. It is hard to talk about this woman without cracking a joke. She was full of the piss and vinegar, misunderstandings and teasable situations that old age can bring. It was lovely to catch up with some family members I rarely get to see, and to meet others for the very first time. And to spend an entire weekend cuddling with my baby nephew Justin, pretending he was mine. Until his diaper needed to be changed. Then it was back to mom.

I also got to meet my mom's new boyfriend, who I adore already. He has the same name as my little brother, and he has a daughter named Emily. Bizarre.

My birthday is Sunday, and I'm starting my oh-my-gosh-I'm-another-year-older-and-what-have-I-accomplished-since-last-year train of thought. And it is better than last year. This year I've accomplished alot. And I'm happier than I was last year. And more secure in who I am and what I am becoming. I have a lot going for me and I finally feel right about it. Like I deserve it.

In year 25 I:
got a new job that I adore. began working with my husband, who I adore. gained a new little nephew, who I adore. got a little bit more out of debt. went carless and loved it. helped a friend get married. lost a nana. gained a new hobby in making jewelry. bought lots of shoes. found an incredible hair dresser and an even more incredible doctor. saw nyc for the first time ever. saw hawaii for the first time ever. supported a friend through a divorce. learned how to go to sleep when my husband isn't there. finally purchased a real, grown up couch. got an ipod. celebrated two wonderful years with the hubb. began painting again. realized that being happy is ok.

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