Dec 16, 2005

- a successful work holiday party last night. people stumbling into work late this morning, me included. ate too little and drank too much. i can still taste the liquor infused in my tongue. a fun fun time was had by all. especially by me. i love paying for things when the money's not mine.

- i have astigmatism and i need new glasses. so i got some.

they're sassy. mine are red. i will have them in two weeks. i am a little bit embarassed to admit that i totally wanted to get the prada frames, just because.

- i think i am done with my christmas shopping, which is good. but also a little bit sad because it is one of my favorite things to do; buy presents for other people. i'm sure i'll come up with a few extra goodies to purchase for hubb, though.

- i'm getting a cheeseburger for lunch. and the delivery guy just got here. thank god.

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