Jan 23, 2006

Seven years ago today Hubb and I went on our very first date. Seven years! It was the Waffle House in Christiansburg, Virginia. Nothing but the best. Hubb won my heart, opening doors, helping me over a puddle, sharing his vanilla coke. And staying up until the wee hours of the morning just talking. Getting to know each other. We knew right away that we had something special. Happy anniversary, Hubby!

Hubb was in NYC this past weekend visiting his little brother, so I had the weekend to myself and my girlfriends. I went to bed early, drank wine and ate thai, and hosted a slumber party for a couple of late 20-somethings. Drinking, Pass the Pigs, pizza, girlie movies...it was so much fun. We were loud and obnoxious, and had bellinis and bacon the next morning. I'd forgotten how much fun girls can be. And I'm not embarassed at all to admit that I had a sleepover. Sometimes you have to relive your youth.

Hubb bought me a wonderful little clutch from Bleibtreu (blibe-troy) while in NYC. Hubb has the best sense of gifting things that I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself. It is part of why I love him so.

I'm working on creating many pairs of earrings, and plan to take some photos this weekend and get a website started. emilyb designs. Simplicity. I'll keep you posted.

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