Apr 24, 2006

so this weekend hubb and i (me twice, hubb once) visited a prospective condo building. and we're going again tonight. this process gives me ulcers. what are our priorities, and can we really give up a huge bedroom and a deck for a great price and an ideal location? i'm not good at this! i am NOT a person who settles, but i'm thinking our "perfect" place does not exist for a price we are willing to pay for it. apparently i have no idea how to compromise.

we also drank a lot this weekend. and we ate a lot. and we tried fan si pan on chicago ave for the first time. and we loved it. the honeydew limeade is totally kick ass, and we shared an aromatic chicken wrap that was divine. they start delivering today, and have added more delicious sounding items to a new menu. hubb and i are enamored with the little restaurant, and i plan to be eating/ordering from here often in the near future. if you haven't already, you really must go.

we also shopped a bit in between walking around in the warm sun, and i came up with a great 70's flowy skirt and some ultracool seagull earrings. fun times.

i'm wishing the office was closed today so i could be outside and even out my splotchy tan.

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