Aug 28, 2006

what's making me happy this week:

  • blik Iron Vines on their way to me for my new bedroom. cocoa brown agains pale blue walls. i can't wait to decorate.
  • this Amy Ruppel print aptly entitled "new home" because, as you can see, i have the upcoming move to the new condo on the brain. this print makes me smile. it makes me happy. i want it. alas, it is sold.
  • a new necklace my friend Hillary of Sans Couture has made for me. i shall have it on friday and i can't wait.
  • the new blue q line, hot and flashy. i purchased the pear lip balm and it is divine. and i simply adore the deco packaging.
  • browsing through my great aunt's 1960 helen corbitt cookbook. she used it so much that the first 5 or 6 pages have fallen out and the spine is duct taped together. i can tell the recipes she loved from the amount of splatter on the pages. she also taped a recipe for brandied sweet potatoes to the inside front cover that i have to make at thanksgiving this year, it looks so delicious. the book is a fabulous read, and i plan to put a post together using recipes from the cookbook sometime soon.
  • browsing through my great aunt's recipe box. i found her recipe for my great grandmother's pecan pie, and i am determined to become a master at it, even though i am really not a fan of pecan pie (unless a certain friend of mine made it and it is has bourbon and chocolate in it).
  • i will be a homeowner in less than a month! woot!

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